Powering the future: new corporate cycling experience PWR Hour to launch in London in 2024

A revolutionary team-based corporate event using state-of-the-art static bikes is launching at Samsung KX event space in Central London next year. 

PWR Hour, set to take place on World Environment Day on 5th June 2024, is a first-of-its-kind event that captures and stores renewable energy as participants pedal. The accumulated stored energy will then be donated to a charity to offset their usage from the grid.

The groundbreaking technology, created by Energym, is at the centre of what will be a highly unique event format, which will help companies contribute to and raise awareness of the fight against climate change, as well as promote inclusive well-being activities.

Taking place at the innovative Samsung KX in Kings Cross, London, this thrilling, experiential event will attract hundreds of companies from across the corporate community, who will battle it out in teams of six to see who can generate the most power within a one hour timeframe. The clock will be ticking, so teams will need to transition quickly in relay style on their designated bike for the hour-long challenge.

The event has been created by TrybWorld, owners and operators of the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay – the world’s largest corporate running relay which has a footprint in 13 cities across 11 countries worldwide. 

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James Hassett, Managing Director of TrybWorld, said: “We couldn’t be more excited to bring PWR Hour to London next year. Every forward-thinking company should be looking at innovative ways to boost active wellbeing, engagement, inclusivity, and sustainability – and we’re proud that this event addresses all of those things in an extremely unique and dynamic format. It’s a truly immersive way to bring the corporate community together and take action towards creating a more sustainable planet.”

As part of a premium event package, participants of PWR Hour will enjoy a fully immersive experience including a giant screen visualisation with live leaderboards and power output, led by a high-energy MC, with live DJ after-party, awards ceremony, and premium hospitality.
This highly exclusive event will be only available on a first come first served basis and is now available for pre-registrations at www.pwrhour.co.

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