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With Infrared Heating becoming more and more popular among homeowners and commercial property owners throughout the UK we have pulled together an easy-to-use search function to help find your nearest Infrared Heating Expert Installer.

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Key Considerations when choosing an installer:

Electrical Certifications: Infrared heaters are electrical devices, installers should have certifications in electrical work. This could include being a licensed electrician or having specific electrical training and certifications.

Infrared Heating Specific Training: Some manufacturers and industry bodies offer training specifically in infrared heating technology. Completion of these courses indicates specialised knowledge in the installation and maintenance.

Green Building Certifications: If the installer has certifications in green building practices (such as BREEAM, the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), it can be an added advantage, especially for those interested in sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

Fully Insured: It's important that any person completing works on your home or premises has insurances in place to cover any risks that may occur during or after the installation.

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Infrared Heating

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Infrared Heating

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Infrared Heating

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