New, first of a kind upcycling marketplace

The Upcycling Market curates local Upcycled Products, without the Greenwashing.

The platform is based in London, UK and has just announced the launch of it’s new online marketplace.

Built to sell purposeful and aesthetic upcycled goods made by small British & Irish brands. Featuring products that design with waste at scale to empower a circular economy, The Upcycling Market offers a convenient way for eco-curious and eco-conscious shoppers alike to discover truly sustainable local brands amidst a sea of high street greenwashing.

“We founded The Upcycling Market to make participating in the circular economy as easy and affordable
as shopping on the high street, and to bring upcycling into the public discussion” says Jordan Borg,
Co-Founder. “We see lots of people trying to make more sustainable choices, but being misled by high
street brands making questionable sustainability promises” adds Antonio Prezzavento, Co-Founder.
Features and benefits of The Upcycling Market include:

  • A curated collection of purposeful and aesthetic upcycled products made in Europe, minimising the long supply chains typically employed by high street retailers.
  • Local brands for local customers—an exclusive shopping experience for UK customers, boosting our
    local economy and reducing shipping emissions.
  • All products and brands on the site have been measured against a robust internal standard to ensure key circularity and sustainability criteria are met, in addition to incorporating upcycled materials.
  • Providing a dedicated platform to the growing number of independent, local, and circular brands.

The Upcycling Market is available now, with products starting at just 5 GBP. For more information, visit

About the author 

Matt Tomkin

Matt, founder of Eco Affect, is a passionate and experienced writer in the eco-friendly, sustainability sector and has worked on various projects to support individuals and businesses looking to reduce costs, carbon footprint and ecological impacts.

His main goal with Eco Affect is to create a space whereby any individual or organisation can learn about their environmental impact and make positive changes to support the environment. This passion is driven by his fear for the future his young children will grow up in, and a first-hand understanding of running a business in a sustainable manner in 2024.

Matt has:
- Years of supporting and writing in the environmental sector
- Close contact with important players in the eco-sphere, including working relationships with green-tech manufacturers and eco-educators from the top Universities in the UK
- First-hand experience of implementing green-tech into his home and working environments

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