Giv Energy 3.6kW All-in-One Review: Pros and Cons of the Solar Storage Solution

When discussing renewable energy solutions for homes, the GivEnergy 3.6kW All-in-One system is increasingly emerging as a topic of interest. 

The system incorporates an inverter and a home battery, designed to offer an efficient power storage solution that is both reliable and cost-effective. In my experience, I’ve found that the GivEnergy system has given me back control of my energy consumption when converting and storing energy from the grid and from my existing solar panels.

The system’s technical specifications and performance metrics stand out, particularly its continuous output potential and compatibility with various energy tariffs including time-of-use. 

Key Takeaways

  • The system integrates energy conversion and storage in one efficient package.
  • Ease of use and customer support enhance its overall value proposition.
  • Designed with future energy needs in mind, offering upgrade potential.

About the GivEnergy 3.6kW All-in-One System

The GivEnergy 3.6kW All-in-One system represents a compact, integrated energy solution for homeowners. Featuring both an inverter and batteries, the unit is designed to streamline the setup of solar energy storage along with other renewable sources.

Capacity is key for any storage battery, and the All-in-One 3.6 system offers 13.5kWh of usable energy, accommodating the majority of household power needs – it is most definitely enough to power my 4-bed, 5-person household. Its LiFePO4 battery technology ensures durability and safety, making it the perfect choice for battery storage requirements.

Installation of the All-in-One 3.6 is designed for efficiency and doesn’t require Distribution Network Operator (DNO) approval, facilitating a smoother, quicker setup. This system is G98 certified, which confirms its compliance with UK standards for microgenerators.

One notable aspect is the unit’s on-grid capabilities, with the inbuilt inverter delivering a maximum of 3.6kW of energy directly to the home. This power can be particularly beneficial for operating high-demand appliances, adding to the system’s appeal.

Technical Specifications

Inverter Capabilities

  • The integrated inverter delivers a nominal AC output power of 3.6kW.
  • Its peak power output capability is notably higher, ensuring it can handle surges in power demand effortlessly.

Battery Details

  • The system operates at 100% Depth of Discharge (DoD), maximising energy usage efficiency from the charged battery.

Dimensions and Build Quality

  • Fits seamlessly into a variety of domestic environments. 
  • The build is certified with an IP65 rating, denoting a high level of protection against dust and water, verifying its suitability for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Installation and Setup

Before an engineer initiates the installation, it is essential to ensure that the chosen location for the GivEnergy 3.6kW All-in-One system is appropriate for weight support and has access to the building’s main electrical system. 

Mounting and Placement

The All-in-One system must be wall-mounted in a stable and secure manner, adhering to both the manufacturer’s guidelines and local building regulations. It is usually installed in a utility room or garage where it is protected from the elements, ensuring optimal operating conditions.

Mine is stored in the loft – out of sight and unobtrusive, but plenty of room for it to work safely.

Connecting to Solar PV

You can connect the existing Solar PV setup through the Giv-Gateway using either LAN or WiFi for communication. This integration allows for the efficient management of solar energy, directing excess power to charge the system’s battery.

I found this to be pretty straightforward, though those not technically minded may need to follow a Youtube tutorial or have an installer help them.

Initial Configuration

The initial configuration is completed by an engineer who sets up the system to operate together with the household’s energy patterns. This includes programming the Giv-Gateway and ensuring it is managing the flow of solar energy, providing seamless energy to your home.

Performance and Efficiency

GivEnergy’s 3.6kW All-in-One system is designed to maximise the efficiency of energy utilisation.

Energy Output

  • The All-in-One boasts an impressive 13.5kWh capacity, ensuring a substantial supply of energy. 
  • Its 100% depth of discharge allows homeowners to fully utilise the stored energy, reflecting GivEnergy’s commitment to efficiency.

Smart Management System

  • The system is equipped with a sophisticated management system that enhances energy distribution.

Solar Generation Optimisation

  • With the solar generation optimisation feature, the All-in-One system markedly improves energy generation. It is tailored for peak efficiency, maximising the conversion of sunlight into electricity and storing it for later use. GivEnergy’s innovation empowers users to harness solar power to its full potential.

Safety and Reliability

When considering any battery storage solution, safety and reliability are paramount.

Certifications and Standards

  • The GivEnergy 3.6kW All-in-One is G98 certified, ensuring it meets the essential requirements for connecting to the UK grid.

Built-in Protection Features

  • It features multiple built-in protection mechanisms, such as overcharge and deep discharge prevention, enhancing the longevity and stability of the battery system.

Warranty Information

  • Customers are provided with a generous 12-year warranty, demonstrating the company’s confidence in their product’s durability.

Pricing and Affordability

The GivEnergy system is positioned as a cost-effective solution in the home energy storage market. While specific figures fluctuate, early 2023 pricing indicators suggest the unit’s initial investment cost is around £7600 excluding VAT. This isn’t too far from what it cost me mid-2023.

This product promises value for money, offering homeowners an integrated battery and inverter capable of reducing electricity bills. By storing energy during off-peak periods or from solar generation, the system can lead to substantial savings, exemplified by individuals who have saved money with similar installations.

In the long term, the GivEnergy All-in-One’s affordability is enhanced through possible savings on energy costs. Investment in such a system is not just about immediate price, but also about the longevity and effectiveness of the technology in reducing household expenses.

What You Could Save Using the Octopus Energy Time of Use Energy Tariffs

With the integration of the GivEnergy 3.6kw battery storage system, consumers can optimise their energy consumption by charging their batteries at the most cost-effective times. This system can charge to full capacity when prices are at their lowest, determined by the daily fluctuations in wholesale energy costs.

I’ve been an Octopus customer for years, and the fact that they integrate directly with GivEnergy was a huge selling point.

By using the Octopus Energy time-of-use tariff, like the intelligent tariff, consumers can significantly reduce their electricity bills. The tariff allows the battery to charge during off-peak hours when energy is cheaper, leading to considerable savings. Those using battery storage have saved a considerable amount through strategic energy use.

For those seeking to further optimise their usage, Octopus Go offers a night-time window with reduced rates, perfect for charging electric vehicles or batteries. Moving on to Octopus Agile, this tariff presents a dynamic pricing structure, where the rates vary in 30-minute segments. It can be particularly beneficial for those who can adjust their energy usage to the most economical times.

The Intelligent tariff goes a step further by actively managing the battery charge level to capitalise on the cheapest electricity, without the need for solar panels. As a result, investments in GivEnergy’s battery storage not only contribute to lower energy costs but also support a lower carbon footprint, with the knowledge that Octopus Energy provides 100% renewable electricity.

  • For reference, I’m on the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff and have solar panels installed. This way, I can charge my EV’s when it’s cheapest and experience lower smart charging rates.

Customer Service and Support

When considering any GivEnergy product, customer service is key. Their customer service has gathered mixed reviews. Some users have reported that the technical support team is exceedingly helpful, particularly with diagnosing firmware and resolving commissioning issues.

For me, the customer service has been useful when needed, especially when paired with Octopus. Sure, it could be better, but so could every company’s customer service skills. They answer my questions when asked and have been generally helpful, so, good enough!

Companion Products and Accessories

When enhancing the GivEnergy 3.6kW All-in-One system, you may want to consider a range of additional products and accessories to elevate its functionality, whether for on-grid or off-grid applications.

GivEnergy Gateway

The GivEnergy Gateway acts as the communication hub for the all-in-one system, enabling seamless interaction with solar PV systems. It’s essential for maintaining a reliable connection between the inverter and the monitoring platform, ensuring efficient energy management and backup support.

Additional Storage Options

Owners have the option to expand their system’s capacity with additional storage options. These plug-and-play units easily integrate with the existing setup, providing extra off-grid resilience or enhancing on-grid system efficiency during peak demand times.

Smart Monitoring Devices

For a comprehensive understanding of energy usage and production, smart monitoring devices are crucial. They provide real-time analytics, allow for remote system management, and alert users to any system irregularities, which is crucial for maintaining peak operation of either backup or primary power solutions.

Future-Proofing and Upgradability

The system’s designed flexibility addresses the evolving landscape of home energy use.

System Expansion Opportunities

  • The Gen 3 model of GivEnergy’s All in One system provides enhanced system expansion capabilities over its predecessor, the Gen 2. 

Software Updates

  • GivEnergy regularly releases software updates to improve system performance, optimise energy management, and add new features, maintaining the unit’s relevance over time.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

The GivEnergy 3.6kW All-in-One system represents a significant stride in the adoption of renewable energy solutions for residential homes. By enabling homeowners to store and utilise solar energy, the system reduces reliance on fossil fuels, thereby decreasing the environmental impact of household energy consumption.

Its ability to directly couple with solar panels supports sustainability by facilitating the use of clean energy and lessening the carbon footprint of electricity usage; perfect for how I want to power my home and protect my children’s future by reducing our carbon footprint.

In terms of durability and end-of-life management, the LiFePO4 battery technology is known for its long service life. It also poses fewer environmental hazards, compared to other common battery types, when it comes to disposal or recycling, aligning with sustainable development goals.

Overall, the system signifies a tangible contribution to a greener future. It exemplifies a blend of technological innovation and environmental responsibility, marking a positive move towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious world.

About the author 

Matt Tomkin

Matt, founder of Eco Affect, is a passionate and experienced writer in the eco-friendly, sustainability sector and has worked on various projects to support individuals and businesses looking to reduce costs, carbon footprint and ecological impacts.

His main goal with Eco Affect is to create a space whereby any individual or organisation can learn about their environmental impact and make positive changes to support the environment. This passion is driven by his fear for the future his young children will grow up in, and a first-hand understanding of running a business in a sustainable manner in 2024.

Matt has:
- Years of supporting and writing in the environmental sector
- Close contact with important players in the eco-sphere, including working relationships with green-tech manufacturers and eco-educators from the top Universities in the UK
- First-hand experience of implementing green-tech into his home and working environments

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