Climate Change, the Economy, and the Cost of Inaction

Much of the public debate around climate change and the economy has centered on the economic costs of taking action. Moving away from coal and oil, some people argue, would cost jobs, jeopardize the economy, and hurt business. But talking in terms of the costs of action, writes former treasury secretary Robert Rubin in a […]

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New Poll: Three in 10 Americans Will Pledge to Vote for Candidates Who Share Their Views on Climate

New polling results released this month reveal that millions of registered voters would sign a pledge to vote for, would volunteer for, or would give money to candidates who share their views on climate change, if asked to do so by a person they like and respect.   The research, conducted by the Center for […]

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Communicating the Scientific Consensus on Climate Change

What’s the best way to communicate the fact that the overwhelming majority of scientists believe that climate change is real and human-caused? Is it metaphors that compare scientists’ beliefs on climate change to doctors’ beliefs about whether or not a child is sick? Or descriptive statements? Charts and graphics? New peer-reviewed research suggests that the most compelling ways to communicate the scientific […]

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What’s Climate Change Got to Do With Wildfires?

Two major wildfires burned in California this weekend — one in the Sacramento area and one near Yosemite. While no particular wildfire can be linked directly to climate change, evidence does suggest that climate change is playing a role in increasing the frequency and severity of wildfires around the country. How can climate communicators help […]

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The Conversation on Climate Is Shifting in America. Here’s How.

Climate change used to be an issue for environmentalists. But the national conversation on climate change is changing–and fast–to include the voices of many Americans beyond just environmentalists. The past few weeks in particular, writes NRDC President Frances Beinecke, have seen an outpouring of calls for action from unusual suspects, including farmers, people of faith, members of the military, […]

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Support for Carbon Tax Soars When Tax Revenue Funds Renewable Energy

According to conventional wisdom, proposing a carbon tax to solve climate change would be a political anathema. But new research from the University of Michigan and Muhlenberg College suggests that a carbon tax might not be doomed to fail. What matters, it turns out, is where the revenue from the tax goes. While just 34% of […]

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Climate Coverage on Sunday Shows Skyrockets

Climate coverage on Sunday shows skyrocketed in the first half of 2014, according to a new Media Matters analysis. Climate coverage in the first half of 2014 has already surpassed the coverage climate received on Sunday shows over the past four years. An uptick in newsworthy climate-related events, including the release of the National Climate […]

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What Do Americans Really Think About Climate Change?

Making sense of polling data is rarely easy. Many different organizations, from survey groups to NGOs to news outlets to academic institutions conduct public opinion polls, each with their own survey samples, wording and methodology. With all of these different factors, it can be hard to ascertain out exactly what Americans think about public policy issues […]

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