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University of California Announces 10 Solutions for Fighting Climate Change on a Global Scale

Climate solutions can come from any sector – especially when the best minds within a sector put their talents to the task. This week, researchers at the University of California issued a report presenting 10 practical solutions that can address climate change both in the short-term and long-term. The report emphasizes that the effects of […]

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Today’s Pediatricians Are Taking a Stand for Our Children’s Health in a Climate-Changing World

We’ve all heard the phrase “Nothing is more important than a child’s health.” But as a mom unexpectedly navigating the pediatric medical system for the last six months to find successful treatment for my son’s illness, that time-worn adage has transmuted into a real-time preoccupation. At times like this, we turn to our trusted pediatricians […]

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How to Prepare Your Business for the New Norm in Extreme Weather

Weather patterns are changing and severely impacting all businesses – no matter the size. Scientists, including those at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, already suspect there may be a link between global warming and growing storm intensity. What brought that home to me, personally, was the news footage of storm-flooded streets I saw in […]

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Harvard Study: Carbon Pollution Impairs Cognitive Function

This year, we’ve seen multiple studies and reports about the effect of climate change on public health. We’ve discussed how it can affect mental health as well, and the American Academy of Pediatrics just published a statement saying that children are especially vulnerable to climate impacts. Now, a new study from the Harvard School of […]

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Debunking 7 Arguments Against Climate Action

The growth in support for clean energy is making fossil fuel interests nervous. The Koch brothers are reportedly planning to spend some $900 million on the 2016 election, pushing an agenda that would roll back renewable energy standards. This Huffington Post article, which features sustainability expert and America Knows How leader Andrew Winston, explains why […]

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Getting People to Listen to Your Climate Message: 3 Tips from Communications Expert Ed Maibach

As we’ve mentioned in earlier posts, a growing majority of Americans (including conservatives) believe climate change is happening and that humans play a role. But what about those people who still either aren’t convinced, or think climate change is unrelated to human activity? With the right approach, it’s possible to engage that segment of the population […]

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Lights, Climate, Action! Why Los Angeles is Ready for Its Close-up

Los Angeles has a well-deserved reputation as a trendsetting city, a place that sets the standard on style, fashion, art, and music. At the center of all this influence is Hollywood and the film industry.   Some of the most iconic and reoccurring imagery in film features the warm yellow glow of streetlights in the […]

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Climate Change Acceptance Among Americans Reaches Highest Level in 7 Years

Americans not only want their political candidates to understand climate science – they are more likely to believe in climate science themselves. A new poll from the University of Michigan and Muhlenberg College found that 70 percent of Americans feel there is strong evidence of global warming. This represents a seven percent increase in the […]

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Why Bill Gates Is Optimistic About Combating Climate Change

Keeping global temperatures in check will mean transitioning to clean energy on an unprecedented scale – which is why we need to drive innovation at an unprecedented pace. That’s the argument Bill Gates makes in a recent interview with The Atlantic. “We need an energy miracle,” he says “But in science, miracles are happening all […]

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Ball State University

How Second Nature Is Helping to Simplify Climate Action in Higher Education

When communicating about climate issues, the clearer and simpler you can make your message, the better. With that in mind, our Solution Generation partner Second Nature has announced a major name change for their climate commitment initiative, which will make it easier for higher ed leaders to explain and understand what these commitments mean.   Second […]

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