studying sustainability

All About Integration: Teaching Businesses the Keys to Sustainability Success

Opportunities for sustainability exist in every sector of society, from churches to communities to corporations. But there are also many opportunities for these various sectors to work together.   For example, Colorado State University has created a program to help working professionals implement sustainability initiatives. While many colleges and universities (including CSU) currently offer sustainability […]

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electric meter

What Really Motivates People to Save Energy?

Would you unplug some of your appliances to save a few dollars? According to a recent study, maybe not. But if you knew how much doing so would improve public health, there’s a good chance you’d reach for the cord.   When it comes to climate solutions, people are motivated by many things besides saving […]

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Harnessing the Wind

How Wind Power Transformed an Ohio Community (Video)

Clean energy doesn’t just protect the climate – it has the potential to save communities, too. That’s what happened in Ohio’s rural Van Wert County. In an area where just seven years ago farmers were struggling, factories were closing, and unemployment was high, now hundreds of wind turbines are creating jobs and big tax revenues […]

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Further Evidence that Good Climate Policy Works – and Grows the Economy

Here at ecoAmerica we emphasize climate solutions in a big way because our research (American Climate Values 2014) says it’s necessary for people to understand that solutions exist in order to engage them on the issue. The general media covers climate change mostly from a scientific debate and political conflict frame, so most people either […]

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The Next Big Energy Trend: Changing Behavior

When building support for climate solutions, emphasizing benefits like cost savings and cleaner air can go a long way. But benefits are only part of the story. Along with rational drivers like price, people make energy decisions based on a whole range of other factors, including peer influence, ingrained habits, and preconceived notions.   A […]

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Support for clean energy

The Climate Disconnect Between Americans and Congress – and What to Do About It

In survey after survey, the message is clear – Americans want the government to support the expansion of clean energy, protection of public lands, and pollution controls. A new poll from Hart Research Associates found that 60 percent of voters strongly support setting limits on carbon emissions from power plants (and 82 percent are somewhat […]

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Nicole Hernandez Hammer

Why a Latina Climate Scientist Was Invited to the State of the Union Address

Climate change was a major theme of President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Just how serious is the administration about climate issues? One of the First Lady’s special guests was climate scientist Nicole Hernandez Hammer, a Guatemalan immigrant and current resident of Florida who specializes in sea level rise.   As […]

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Learn Why Health Professionals Nationwide Are Advocating for Clean Energy

American health professionals are increasingly concerned about the health impacts of climate change. That’s why organizations like Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) are strong supporters of the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan, which would set limits on carbon emissions for each state.   The Plan offers an ideal opportunity to advocate for an efficient, sustainable […]

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Hurricane Sandy

3 Tips for Using Images to Increase Climate Engagement

As communicators, it’s impossible to overstate the value of imagery. A visual image can create a strong emotional connection much more quickly and memorably than words can. By helping people understand an issue and boosting their empathy, images can help them make the leap from indifference to action.   But not all images resonate equally. […]

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solar panel installation

Why Rooftop Solar Is a Sure-fire Investment

If you could invest in something that would outperform the stock market while also helping the planet, wouldn’t you? Here’s why rooftop solar can’t miss.   The cost of installing solar on homes has dropped by 60% over the past 15 years, bringing the costs within reach for millions of homeowners. A combination of incentives […]

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