Americans More Convinced Than Ever That Climate Changed Is Caused By Humans, New Poll

Nearly half of Americans (46%) believe that climate change is having a serious impact now, according to a new poll by CBS News / The New York Times. Moreover, more than half — 54% — of Americans believe that climate change is human-caused, the highest percentage ever recorded by a CBS News / The New York Times […]

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New Report: Business Leaders Can Have Their Climate Cake and Eat it Too

What if the myth that investing in climate solutions damages economic growth was dispelled? According to a recent article in BusinessGreen, a major new UN report, The New Climate Economy, does just that: The report illustrates how governments and businesses can have grow the economy while stopping climate change. The report, Better Growth, Better Climate: […]

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New ecoAmerica Research: Climate Values by Racial and Ethnic Groups

ecoAmerica is proud to announce the release of our newest research report, American Climate Values 2014: Insights by Racial and Ethnic Groups. This report builds upon the findings of the American Climate Values 2014: Psychographic and Demographic Insights report, released this past March, and uncovers the common and distinct climate change viewpoints, values and beliefs of African, […]

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Using an Environmental Success Story to Inspire Action on Climate

Climate communicators are often faced with the task of convincing the public that we can actually do something about climate change. For many Americans, the problem simply seems too large and too complex to meaningfully address. But as a recent article in The Washington Post indicates, the U.S. has been successful in addressing, and even solving, environmental problems […]

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Get Active: Transit Looks Good On You

It is unlikely anyone will look at you and say, “You look great – have you been riding the bus?” But they could because, as a study in the UK has shown, people who use active and transit modes of transportation are thinner than those who drive. In the study authors’ words: “Our findings show a […]

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Higher Ed Leaders Launch New Campus Climate Program

ecoAmerica is proud to announce of the second MomentUs program, Solution Generation. Solution Generation will empower higher education leaders, faculty, and students with the tools, resources, and network they’ll need to move the needle on climate on campuses nationwide. Twenty higher education leaders across the country, including college and university presidents, sustainability directors, and higher education […]

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A Short Guide to Translating Climate Change

One of the central problems in climate change communication is that communicators often use words that are scientifically accurate, but don’t resonate with mainstream audiences. This stems in part from the fact that climate change originated as a purely scientific issue. In order to build broad support for solutions, however, climate communicators need to use […]

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Putting the Victory in Climate Change

When’s the last time you heard the words “victory” and “climate change” in the same sentence? A new campaign spearheaded by Green America may be one of the first. The Clean Energy Victory Bonds campaign, supported by major sustainable business organizations like Ceres and the American Sustainable Business Council, aims to turn climate change from […]

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Higher Education Leaders to Convene on Climate Solutions

The following is a guest post by Tatiana Brailovskaya (Second Nature).   Second Nature’s 2014 Presidential Summit on Climate Leadership is gearing up to start in Boston on October 1. The event is expected to bring together over 200 higher education sustainability leaders — including university and college presidents who are signatories to the American College & University Presidents’ […]

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Three Ways the Global Health Sector Can Lead On Climate Solutions

The summer’s end marked the first-ever global gathering of health leaders for a conference on health and climate at the World Health Organization’s global headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. MomentUs partner Health Care Without Harm participated in the event meant to catalyze a sector-wide shift from a focus on raising awareness about the considerable health risks posed by […]

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