Do We Need to Acknowledge That Climate Change is Human-Caused?

Climate advocates often take it as a no-brainer that people need to recognize that climate change is human-caused before they will be willing to do anything about it. But a recent article in Think Progress challenges that thinking. While the article doesn’t come down clearly on either side of the debate, it does raise questions […]

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New Research Helps Explain the Partisan Divide Over Climate Change

An abundance of research indicates that American opinion on climate change falls squarely across party lines. But what explains this partisan divide? New research reveals that part of the issue might lie in Americans’ choices about media outlets. Specifically, the study found that watching and listening to conservative media outlets, like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, is associated with […]

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Why the Climate Movement Needs Celebrities

Apartheid had Nelson Mandela. Vietnam had Jane Fonda. And ALS has had its share of ice bucket-dumping celebrities. But who will the climate movement have its public spokesperson to rally the country toward solutions? Who will be climate movement’s “influencer”? Sure, scientists and policymakers have their place. But what the climate movement really needs, argues […]

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Putting a Human Face on Climate Solutions

It’s not always easy to convince people that climate solutions are already happening and can really bring co-benefits to communities. But a new 22-minute documentary, produced by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, opens up new possibilities for how communicators can inspire hope and confidence in climate solutions. The documentary, which is narrated […]

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Register Now: In 3 days Webinar on American Climate Values by Racial/Ethnic Groups

  ecoAmerica invites you to join us for a free webinar on how African, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino Americans think, feel, and react to climate and change, including guidance on how to best engage these communities on climate solutions.   If we really want to make a difference in the trajectory of climate change quickly, we […]

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Framing Climate Change as Opportunity

Climate change is most often framed as a problem that needs solving. But what if we framed climate change instead as an opportunity? Research indicates that framing climate change as an opportunity that can deliver benefits — economic and otherwise — can increase support for action. In a recent speech featured by USA Today, EPA Administrator Gina […]

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Talking About Climate at a High School Reunion

Last Friday I celebrated my 30th high school reunion with over 150 classmates in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada; this Monday, I was eager to kick off Climate Week at the Civil Society Event on Action in Climate Change and Health on the other side of the country in New York City. In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have publicly […]

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Latinos, Faith, and the Real Cost of Climate

“¿Cuánto cuesta?” asks Blessed Tomorrow Executive Committee member and National Latino Evangelical Coalition President Rev. Dr. Gabriel Salguero in a recent op-ed for The Huffington Post. In English, “How much does it cost?”   In response to climate solutions, such as proposed EPA carbon regulations on power plants, some have said that acting on climate will hurt minority communities and the most […]

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Americans More Convinced Than Ever That Climate Changed Is Caused By Humans, New Poll

Nearly half of Americans (46%) believe that climate change is having a serious impact now, according to a new poll by CBS News / The New York Times. Moreover, more than half — 54% — of Americans believe that climate change is human-caused, the highest percentage ever recorded by a CBS News / The New York Times […]

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New Report: Business Leaders Can Have Their Climate Cake and Eat it Too

What if the myth that investing in climate solutions damages economic growth was dispelled? According to a recent article in BusinessGreen, a major new UN report, The New Climate Economy, does just that: The report illustrates how governments and businesses can have grow the economy while stopping climate change. The report, Better Growth, Better Climate: […]

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