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Why Climate Coverage Fails to Engage Audiences (and How That Can Be Improved)

2015 was arguably the newsworthy year ever for the climate movement – but except for major events like Pope Francis’ encyclical and the COP21 summit, climate change actually suffered from a lack of media coverage. As this Huffington Post article explains, many climate experts and journalists feel climate change gets far less attention in the […]

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Climate Solutions Made the U.S. At Least $2 Billion Richer In 2013

We’ve talked often here about the economic benefits of climate solutions, from lower electricity prices to reduced health costs. A recent analysis by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory offers further evidence of those benefits – cutting greenhouse gas emissions alone saved the U.S. $2.2 billion dollars in 2013. When the value of cutting other fossil-fuel-related […]

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Taking the Climate Conversation Beyond the Echo Chamber

Social media is a powerful communication tool – Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms allow users to share information and ideas widely, and build a base of supporters quickly. But social media is also very effective at spreading misinformation, and in doing so, can reinforce the echo chambers that cause rumors and myths to persist.   […]

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70% of Americans Believe the Climate Is Changing (But Disagree About the Cause)

With 2015 recently confirmed to be the second-hottest year on record for the U.S., more Americans are acknowledging the reality of climate change. A new poll from Monmouth University found that 70 percent of Americans believe the earth’s climate is changing. However, only 27 percent agree with the scientific consensus that the change is mostly caused by […]

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EPA Chief Gina McCarthy: Turning 2015 Wins into Lasting Climate Action

Last year, the EPA set an ambitious agenda for fighting climate change. Their biggest milestone was the release of the Clean Power Plan, which aims to cut carbon pollution from power plants. This rule, along with other measures, will be crucial in helping the world meet the goals laid out in the Paris climate agreement. […]

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Sustainability on Ice: How the NHL Is Addressing Climate Concerns

As we’ve mentioned before, climate champions can often be found in unexpected places – NASCAR, for example, or rural Texas, or the National Hockey League. The NHL, with its conservative-leaning fan base, may not fit the conventional image of a green organization, but they are very serious about their efforts to reduce their carbon emissions […]

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Why Conservatives Should Take a Fresh Look at Solar Energy

Solar power in the U.S. continues to grow by leaps and bounds – installations soared in 2015 as prices fell, and 2016 seems likely to be another record-breaking year. At the end of December, Congress extended the investment tax credit for solar and wind projects, sending stock prices up as well as orders for new […]

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Want to Motivate People to Act on Climate Change? Ask Them How They Want to Be Remembered

More and more Americans are aware of the dangers of climate change – but that doesn’t always translate to action. Often, more immediate concerns such as paying bills or caring for their families take priority. Communications that show how climate solutions answer those concerns (by reducing air pollution, for example, or by lowering energy costs) can […]

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Why 2016 May Be the Best Year Yet for Climate Action

In recent weeks, we’ve highlighted the many achievements and breakthroughs that made 2015 such a monumental year for the climate movement. Now, it’s time to look forward to 2016 – and as the Environmental Defense Fund’s Fred Krupp points out here, we may see progress advance even more rapidly in the coming months.   2015 […]

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ecoAmerica’s 11 Biggest Milestones of 2015

2015 was an incredible year for the climate movement, with leaders in every sector speaking out and demanding climate action. ecoAmerica continued to empower those leaders through summits, programs, and research designed to reinforce effective climate messaging and strategies. It was a busy, inspiring year filled with major events and achievements. Here are 11 of […]

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