National Adaptation Forum

Upcoming Workshop: Rethinking Your Notions About Effective Climate Messaging

The National Adaptation Forum (NAF) will convene its second national convention in St. Louis, MO, from May 11 to 14, 2015.   Every other year, this forum gathers the growing adaptation community together to “foster knowledge exchange, innovation, and mutual support for a better tomorrow.” The 1,000 climate adaptation practitioners that are expected to attend […]

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Climate Change Myths

The Truth Behind 6 Common Climate Change Myths

From President Obama, to the Pope, to the Surgeon General, prominent leaders are raising their voices about the need for climate action. Yet, the facts about climate change are still widely misunderstood, or too often brushed aside as hype. To motivate people to action and engage them on solutions, it’s important to make them aware […]

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blog-immediacy of climate change-4.24.15-square

New Poll: Conservative Republicans Stand Alone on Immediacy of Climate Threat

Last week, we wrote about demographic data that showed many Americans don’t feel climate change will affect them personally. A new Gallup poll adds some nuance to those findings – whether or not a person believes climate change is an imminent threat is strongly linked to political affiliation.   More than 60 percent of conservative […]

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Path to Positive Summit

A Moral Imperative To Lead on Climate – 2015 MomentUs Leadership Summit

On Tuesday, Pope Francis sent out a call to care for creation as a matter of caring for all of humanity (via Twitter!). His Papal Encyclical on the environment, due out this summer, is expected to include a call for moral leadership on climate change.   Leaders from across faith traditions have begun discussions on […]

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blog-coal train-4.22.15-square

Climate Victory: Mayor Kautz of Burnsville Helps End 60 Years of Coal Burning

In most cases, when something endures for 60 years it is cause for celebration. In Burnsville, MN, the celebration last week was over something ending after 60 years – coal.   The last coal train has rolled to a final stop in Burnsville, and Mayor Kautz and her entire community have reason to cheer.   […]

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Florida Everglades

Making Climate Impacts Real: Obama’s Earth Day Speech From the Everglades

In many ways, Florida is on the front lines of the climate debate. As rising seas are causing flooding in Miami and threatening South Florida’s water supplies, officials at the Department of Environmental protection have reportedly been banned from using the term “climate change.” Senator Marco Rubio, now a presidential contender, has expressed doubt that […]

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Blog-Harnassing Data-4.20.15-square

How Tech Tools Can Help Communities Address the Health Impacts of Climate Change

Two weeks ago, President Obama announced an initiative to address the public health impacts of climate change. This challenge will involve not only the health sector, but other sectors as well. In the article below, Linda Rudolph, Director of the Public Health Institute’s Center for Climate Change and Health, explains how harnessing data can help […]

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Blog-Climate Thing- square

Why Do You Care About Climate Change? How Making It Personal Can Drive People to Action

Climate change can seem overwhelmingly big and abstract – though people increasingly believe it’s happening, many still feel it’s a distant threat. To be motivated to take action, people need a personal connection with the issue, some moment of illumination that says, “This is important to me, now.” In Grist magazine, David Roberts called it […]

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environmental protection

New Gallup Poll Reports That 82% of Americans Want the Same or More Environmental Protection

Close to half of Americans want the government to do more to safeguard the environment, and they favor environmental protections over energy development, according to two recent Gallup polls. 48 percent feel too little is being done, while 34 percent are in agreement with the current amount of protection. And 49 percent feel the environment […]

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blog-coal divestment-4.15.15-square

The Health, Moral, and Financial Reasons Why the Health Sector Should Divest from Coal

The call for the health sector to divest from fossil fuels keeps getting louder. We’ve discussed the public health argument before – since carbon pollution is already causing serious health impacts, fossil fuel investments go against the obligation of health professionals to protect the public. But as Gary Cohen, president of our Climate for Health […]

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