Dr. Mona Sarfaty

Making the Connection: Climate Changes Health

Despite well-researched reports showing that climate change is affecting health right now in America, only about 1/3 of Americans are aware of the risks. Most Americans think climate change is only impacting communities abroad, if affecting human health at all. Among those who are aware that Americans’ health is being harmed, many imagine that climate […]

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blog-partisan divide closing-5.4.16

Why the Partisan Divide on Climate Change Is Shrinking (And How to Make It Even Smaller)

Over the last few months, concern and awareness about climate change have been steadily increasing. Whatever your politics, it’s difficult to stay skeptical when monthly and yearly temperatures keep shattering records.   This week, a new study was released showing that climate acceptance among Republican voters has nearly doubled over the past few years. The […]

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How City Composting Benefits Communities and Climate

With a baby on the way, my wife and I last week met with a local, eco friendly cloth and compostable paper diapers company to set up our service. To our surprise, we were informed that the city of Los Angeles doesn’t allow compostable diapers to be placed in the designated compost bins. Upon discovering […]

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Making Earth Day Visible Every Day With the Launch of Solution Generation at Millersville University

Instead of traveling to Lancaster, PA, to help kick off Solution Generation’s new partnership with Millersville University, Earth Day 2016 found me in sad solidarity with our warming climate as I spent the day waylaid in bed fighting a 102° fever. Fortunately, my intended wing-woman for the event, ecoAmerica’s new executive assistant Candace Williams, enthusiastically […]

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Why Faith Leaders Are Divesting From Fossil Fuels (and You Should, Too)

Six months ago, at our Coming Together in Faith on Climate event, Blessed Tomorrow leaders Rev. Otis Moss and Brian McLaren stood on the stage of Washington’s National Cathedral to encourage a crowd of climate leaders to adopt five key climate solutions. Their inspiring words rang through the hallowed halls, now illuminated by energy efficient […]

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New Webinar Series Explores How Climate Changes Health

As the recent Climate and Health Assessment from the U.S. Global Change Research Program made abundantly clear, climate change impacts many key aspects of our health, from air quality to mental health and well-being. However, climate change has often been thought of and isolated as an environmental issue within the health community.   ecoAmerica and […]

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Why Today Could Be the Most Important Earth Day Ever

Since it was first established in 1970, Earth Day has been a day of action on environmental issues, sustainability, and climate change. Today, appropriately enough, leaders and representatives from nearly 170 nations will gather at the United Nations in New York to formally sign the Paris Agreement on climate change.   Climate change is arguably […]

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To Give Life to the Paris Climate Agreement, Connect on Personal Values

As 150 governments including 40 heads of state are expected to join together in a signing ceremony at the United Nations this Friday for the Paris climate accord, I was privileged to spend time this weekend with a number of the faith leaders who helped generate the momentum that brought this agreement to reality.   […]

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Understanding (and Transcending) the Behavioral Challenges to Addressing Climate Change

When faced with the realities of climate change, some people are inspired to fight it. Others deny it exists. And still others acknowledge it exists, but don’t want to think about it. Why? It has to do with the human brain’s normal response to fear, feelings of powerless, and the perceived threat of giving up […]

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The Overwhelming Scientific Consensus on Climate Change – and Why People Need to Know About It

The statistic that 97 percent of climate experts agree climate change is occurring and caused by humans has been widely cited. That statistic has just been reinforced by a new study, which finds once again that 97 percent of publishing climate scientists agree that humans are responsible for climate change.   In short, as this […]

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