New ecoAmerica Report Finds Climate Change Will Have Broad Psychological Effects

Psych_Impacts_Cover_No_Outline2ecoAmerica is proud to announce our newest research report, Beyond Storms and Droughts: The Psychological Impacts of Climate Change. This report, co-produced with the American Psychological Association, chronicles the likely psychological impacts of climate change, from stress, anxiety and depression to increases in violence and aggression, to the loss of community identity.
The report discusses the pathways through which these impacts will arise, explains why some communities will be hit harder than others, and describes how psychological impacts interact with physical health. Importantly, the report also includes guidance for leaders about how to communicate about these impacts, as well as recommendations for how leaders and organizations can prepare and strengthen communities to withstand them.

ecoAmerica hosted a webinar about the report in June, which you can view here. Presenters included the report’s authors, as well as Dr. Norman Anderson, CEO of the American Psychological Association.
Download the report.
Download a 1-page summary of the report.
Watch the webinar.


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