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Why Do You Care About Climate Change? How Making It Personal Can Drive People to Action

Climate change can seem overwhelmingly big and abstract – though people increasingly believe it’s happening, many still feel it’s a distant threat. To be motivated to take action, people need a personal connection with the issue, some moment of illumination that says, “This is important to me, now.” In Grist magazine, David Roberts called it […]

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New Gallup Poll Reports That 82% of Americans Want the Same or More Environmental Protection

Close to half of Americans want the government to do more to safeguard the environment, and they favor environmental protections over energy development, according to two recent Gallup polls. 48 percent feel too little is being done, while 34 percent are in agreement with the current amount of protection. And 49 percent feel the environment […]

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The Health, Moral, and Financial Reasons Why the Health Sector Should Divest from Coal

The call for the health sector to divest from fossil fuels keeps getting louder. We’ve discussed the public health argument before – since carbon pollution is already causing serious health impacts, fossil fuel investments go against the obligation of health professionals to protect the public. But as Gary Cohen, president of our Climate for Health […]

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New Demographic Data Shines Light on American Climate Views

A fascinating set of maps newly released from Yale and Utah State University offer a unique perspective on American views on climate change – all the way down to the county level. Some of the findings are encouraging. For example, Americans in 99 percent of U.S. counties believe climate change is happening. Other news is […]

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Why Clear, Simple Messages Are the Key to Better Climate Understanding

The overwhelming majority of scientists believe that climate change is happening and caused by humans. However, many Americans remain unaware of that fact. Why is that? It might be that the term “overwhelming majority” is too vague. In a recent study by researchers at George Mason University, specific numbers (in this case, 97.5 percent) worked […]

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National Health and Government Leaders Focus on the Link Between Climate and Health

Last week, ecoAmerica’s Climate for Health program (including co-sponsors Health Care Without Harm and the U.S. Climate and Health Alliance) gathered over 70 leaders from across health disciplines for the first Climate for Health National Leadership Convening. There, participants undertook two days of strategic planning to accelerate and elevate health sector leadership on climate change. […]

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Could a More Evangelical Approach Help Convert People on Climate Change?

The term “climate believer” is often used to describe whether someone accepts that climate change is real. However, climate scientists generally prefer to steer away from the term “belief,” because it seems to imply that acceptance is based on faith rather than scientific evidence. But as George Marshall, co-founder of the Climate Outreach and Information […]

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How the White House and the Health Sector Are Tackling Climate Threats

As evidence mounts about the impacts of climate change, the need to address it is getting harder to deny – especially when the arguments involve public health. Health professionals and medical schools, in partnership with the Obama administration, are taking steps to tackle the health threats of climate change head on. As this Washington Post […]

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Is Political Support for Climate Action on the Rise?

Though more and more Americans say they want clean energy and government action on climate change, will they vote for it in 2016? According to a new Washington Post / ABC News poll, climate may be a growing priority for voters – 59 percent said they favor a presidential candidate who wants to fight climate […]

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The Importance of Emphasizing the Positive in Climate Communications

A recent discussion at MIT focused on one of our favorite communication strategies: leading with solutions. As the panelists explained, the debate gets much less polarized when audiences are presented with positive actions they can take – and even more so when those solutions align with their values and identities. Republicans, for example, are far […]

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