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7 Tips for Telling Better Climate Change Stories

A big part of our mission here at ecoAmerica is discovering and sharing the most effective climate change messages. We use social science and marketing research to find out what approaches resonate best with average Americans. This Grist article echoes many of the best practices we recommend.   Rather than calling out someone as a […]

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How Small Moments Can Add Up to Saving the World

“Dad, what do you do for a job?”   As parents, we often get this question from our children. For me, as a long-time professional environmental campaigner and policy hack, the answer has never been easy. The issues I have worked to address and solve – from energy use and efficiency, to climate change and […]

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Is Climate Change Finally Becoming a Bipartisan Issue?

For conservatives, climate change has often been the “third rail” of politics – even acknowledging the reality of climate change could be hazardous, let alone advocating for solutions. But that seems to finally be shifting. Last week, two Republican members of the House of Representatives took steps to create a bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. The […]

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Why Climate Action Will Help Create a More Equitable World

Last year, faith leaders from Pope Francis to the Dalai Lama pointed out that climate change affects the poor and vulnerable most acutely – and it’s our moral obligation to come to the aid of those who are suffering through little fault of their own.   A new study by researchers at the University of […]

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How Climate Solutions Help Keep Our Soldiers Safe

Climate change may still under debate on Capitol Hill, but that’s not the case at the Pentagon. Last July, they issued a report calling climate change a major national security issue, and have made addressing it a big part of their global strategy. Preparing for the risks of rising seas and extreme weather may save […]

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How to Finance the Global Transition to Clean Energy

Last December in Paris, the world reached a groundbreaking and profoundly important agreement to rein in global carbon emissions. Now that the confetti has been swept away, we’re faced with the challenge of how to pay for the needed transformation.   According to this new report, the world’s financial markets have adequate funds to pay […]

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When It Comes to Climate Concern, African-Americans Are Way Ahead

Our research has consistently found that people of color are more aware of climate change and more supportive of solutions than the rest of the public. A recent survey by Green for All and the Natural Resources Defense Council echoed those findings – their poll found that 63 percent of African American voters are strongly in […]

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Coming Together in Faith on Climate Videos: Sustenance for Our 2016 Climate Journey

On September 24-25, 2015, Blessed Tomorrow, with our partners Convergence, Washington National Cathedral, Auburn Seminary, Faith in Public Life, and Interfaith Power and Light DC, brought together Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other national leaders to an extraordinary event called Coming Together in Faith on Climate. Together, we amplified Pope Francis’ call for climate action for […]

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Solution Generation Announces 2016 Climate Leadership Award Program

As higher education leaders, it is our responsibility to ensure that our students and communities act today in order to protect and strengthen our towns, regions, nation, and world. Solution Generation is committed to helping colleges and universities engage on sustainability by providing tools, talking points, and tips to help effectively communicate on climate action. […]

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4 Characteristics of Successful Climate Leaders

Whether they’re in the business, health, faith, community, or higher education sector, climate leaders are tasked with creating positive, transformative change within their organizations. This is not always easy. But as this article in the Harvard Business Review points out, successful change leaders have four things in common:   1. They recognize and are committed […]

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