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Why Ordinary Citizens Are the Key to Effective Climate Action

ecoAmerica’s mission is to build popular support for climate solutions – and we believe the best way to do that is to understand and address the concerns of mainstream Americans. Are corporations and governments doing enough to engage the public on climate issues? In this GreenBiz article, Solitaire Townsend, co-founder of Futerra Sustainability Communications, says she thinks […]

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America Knows How Executive Committee

Announcing the Launch of America Knows How, Our New MomentUs Business Initiative

The America Knows How Executive Committee is pleased to announce the launch today of its new national program, America Knows How. This program invites and supports heads of business associations, executives of companies, and other business leaders to lead by example and engage their staff, stakeholders, and industry peers in building mainstream support for climate […]

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Hot Weather

How Social Cohesion Helps Create a More Equitable Response to Climate Change

Climate impacts affect us all, but poorer populations are especially at risk. Low-income housing tends to offer inadequate protection against extreme weather, and low-income areas often have higher rates of illnesses such as asthma that are exacerbated by climate change. But there is a way for these vulnerable communities to fight back. As this article […]

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sub-national climate action

What California Can Teach Us About the Importance of Local Climate Action

Solving climate change will take a global effort, which is why the anticipated agreement from the Paris talks in December and the individual commitments from nations around the world are so vital. But as this GreenBiz article points out, there’s a lot to be said for state and local-level climate action as well. A newly […]

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9 Inspiring Signs of Progress on the Climate Change Front

More and more people seem to be recognizing the seriousness of climate change and the need for action. That’s good news – but to keep people inspired and motivated, it’s important to emphasize not only what can be done, but what’s already being done to address climate change. This Huffington Post article by Seth Shulman, […]

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teaching conservatives about climate change

The Key to Engaging Conservatives on Climate Change Issues

Much has been written about the partisan divide on climate – conservatives are far more likely than liberals or moderates to express doubt about climate change or oppose climate action. If we are to build widespread, mainstream support for climate solutions, we’ll need to get conservatives on board – but how?   This Washington Post […]

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Apple sustainability initiative

How the World Wildlife Fund Is Helping Apple Go Even Greener

Tech giant Apple already gets high marks for sustainability – Greenpeace’s 2015 Click Clean Report, released this week, named it the greenest tech company in the world. But Apple isn’t stopping there. As ClimateProgress reports, the company recently announced a new goal of getting 100 percent of the paper for its packaging from sustainably managed […]

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Community Choice Aggregation

How the Community Choice Model Is Accelerating the Shift to Clean Energy

Americans want clean energy – and while Congress has been slow to act, many communities are taking matters into their own hands. As this Guardian article reports, publicly-run programs called Community Choice Aggregation are giving states, cities, and counties across the nation the ability to choose where their energy comes from.   Here’s how it […]

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Katharine Hayhoe

10 Inspiring Climate Leaders Worth Watching

At ecoAmerica, our goal is to build mainstream awareness of climate change and support for climate solutions. Our MomentUs initiative empowers leaders in the faith, health, higher education, community, and business sectors to engage their organizations and stakeholders on the need for climate action. So it’s always inspiring to hear stories about leaders who are […]

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3 Ways Climate Denial Gets in the Way of Good Science

There is nearly unanimous consensus among climate scientists that climate change is happening and that human activity is the cause. Yet there is still widespread belief among Americans that climate change is under debate. One reason might be the media’s tendency to treat both sides of the question equally – a practice memorably skewered on […]

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