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New MIT Study Makes the Health Case for Climate Solutions That Much Stronger

ecoAmerica research indicates that emphasizing the benefits of acting on climate is critical to building support for solutions. New research from MIT recently featured by Greenwire may make that just a little bit easier. MIT researchers found that the health benefits of common climate policies offset between 26 and 1,050 percent of their cost. The study, […]

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Wisdom for My Son: Meet a New Friend on Meatless Monday

As our firstborn prepares to head off to his freshman year of college, he and his friends are embarking upon an extraordinary period in their lives. They have grown into curious, competent, and motivated young adults at a time in history with tremendous educational opportunities. With their varied career and life goals, these young people […]

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What Emotions Motivate Action on Climate Change?

Effective climate communicators understand that emotion plays a key role in motivating action. What many communicators want to know, however, is which specific emotions they should try to evoke to motivate action on climate change. New research by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication recently featured by Big Think, however, may help to answer this question. Researchers […]

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Hot Town: Summer in the City

Among the many anticipated and increasingly observed adverse impacts of a warning climate is a rise of the urban “heat island” effect. Local leaders have begun addressing this problem with simple measures that protect their citizens from dangerous heat while also saving energy.   Climate Central recently posted a report detailing observed increases in urban […]

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Picking the Right Words to Talk About Climate Change

Should we talk about “climate change” or “global warming”? Increases in emissions, or changes in global mean temperatures? Or do these choices even matter? In a recent blog post, communications strategist Jeremy Porter argues that what matters most for public engagement is not whether we talk about “climate change” or “global warming,” but whether or not we […]

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Mapping Climate Communication

A panoply of media organizations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, science institutions, funders, and individuals have shaped the way the conversation around climate change has unfolded in the United States. In a new series, graphic designer Dr. Joanna Jody Boehnert uses graphics and other visuals to illustrate how the climate conversation has evolved over time and […]

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Study Reveals Bias in Media Coverage Toward Scientists Who Deny Climate Change 

A new study reveals that media coverage of climate change is heavily biased toward climate deniers. The study, which was recently featured by Climate Progress, shows that scientists who deny climate change are significantly more likely to receive frequent media attention than those who agree with the scientific consensus that climate change is real and human-caused: 30 percent […]

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Putting Climate Communication Into Practice

How we communicate around climate change plays an enormous role in shaping whether people tune in or tune out. But communication strategies don’t just guide how we talk and write. They can also guide how we act on climate, and more importantly, how we shape opportunities for others to act.   A recent blog post from Climate Access shows how one city […]

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