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Citibank Says Investing in Climate Solutions Could Save $30 Trillion or More

The argument that climate solutions are good for the economy just got a major boost. Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions, a division of Citibank, put out a new report last week comparing the cost of action on climate with the cost of inaction. As this Guardian article explains, the energy expenditures of the “action” scenario […]

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Climate Health Summit: It’s “Back-to-School” Time for Students and Health Professionals Alike

In our home, we’re admittedly a little heavy hearted bidding adieu to the “freedom months” (as my kids refer to summer), and swapping out beach bags and pool towels for over-laden backpacks and P.E. clothes. Although I am long past reveling like my kids in three months of summer break, I am a true summer […]

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Denier, Doubter, Believer, Advocate: Charting a New Path Forward on Climate Solutions in America

Americans agree that we disagree about climate change. It’s a minefield of political, technical, economic, and social conflict. We prefer not to talk about it. The implications are uncomfortable, and there’s a better chance for argument than helpful discussion. In fact, climate change is now the most divisive issue in America, more than abortion or […]

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Governors, Take Note: 7 out of 10 Voters Support Compliance With the Clean Power Plan

We’ve mentioned several times over the past weeks how the EPA’s Clean Power Plan will boost the economy and improve public health – and it appears voters are getting the message. A new survey by the League of Conservation Voters found that 70 percent of voters across the country want their states to implement the […]

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What Twitter Can Teach Us About Climate Change Sentiment

The Twittersphere is a place for personal expression, where anyone can post, share, and respond to the things they care about. According to a new study that analyzed 1.5 million tweets, it’s also a great resource for spreading climate awareness. As this Pacific Standard article explains, Twitter conversations about climate tend to feature activists, rather […]

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New Poll: 84% of Latino Voters Want More Clean Energy

Candidates seeking to capture the Latino vote in the 2016 election would do well to address climate change. A new poll by Earthjustice and GreenLatinos shows that Latinos are strongly in favor of reducing air pollution, believe the U.S. should mandate more wind and solar power, and support state measures that would help prevent climate […]

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How Business Leaders Are Fueling the Energy of Climate Solutions

There’s no doubt that those of us already keen on business leaders finding climate solutions are excited. The 2015 solar jobs forecast is 8x greater than oil, gas, and coal combined. But, recent news is driving a sense of optimism even higher. Why? Two reasons.   Simply put, the first reason is funding. The adage […]

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MacArthur Foundation Pledges Millions in Support of Climate Leadership

The climate movement is at a crucial juncture. With prominent faith leaders speaking out for climate action, the recent launch of the Clean Power Plan, and the U.S., China, and Brazil making major climate commitments in advance of the Paris U.N. conference, we’re seeing a major shift in the right direction – but Congressional support […]

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Who Do You Trust on the Clean Power Plan: The Black Chamber of Commerce or the Climate Activists?

According the Obama administration, the EPA’s Clean Power Plan will save the average family $85 a year on their energy bills, save consumers $155 billion, and create tens of thousands of new jobs. But the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) has been saying the opposite. As this article from Inside Climate News reports, NBCC […]

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Why Fighting Climate Change Is a Fight for Civil Rights

The climate movement has often been painted as a battle between liberals and conservatives – but really, it’s a battle for basic human rights. As Martin Luther King III points out in this CNN opinion piece, we all have an equal right to clean air and water and healthy surroundings. Climate change threatens those rights […]

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