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Americans More Convinced Than Ever That Climate Changed Is Caused By Humans, New Poll

Nearly half of Americans (46%) believe that climate change is having a serious impact now, according to a new poll by CBS News / The New York Times. Moreover, more than half — 54% — of Americans believe that climate change is human-caused, the highest percentage ever recorded by a CBS News / The New York Times […]

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What Do Americans Really Think About Climate Change?

Making sense of polling data is rarely easy. Many different organizations, from survey groups to NGOs to news outlets to academic institutions conduct public opinion polls, each with their own survey samples, wording and methodology. With all of these different factors, it can be hard to ascertain out exactly what Americans think about public policy issues […]

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Americans Twice as Likely to Vote for Candidates That Support Climate Action, New Poll

Registered voters in the U.S. are 2.5 times more likely to vote for presidential or congressional candidates who support action on climate change, according to a new polling report released last week. Moreover, registered voters are 3 times more likely to vote against a candidate who opposes climate action. The poll, conducted by the Center […]

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New Research: ‘Global Warming’ Resonates More Strongly Than ‘Climate Change’

New research suggests that climate communicators may be better off using the term “global warming” rather than “climate change.” The research, conducted by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication, includes a suite of studies designed to uncover Americans’ familiarity and associations with the two different […]

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New Study: Natural Disasters Play A Significant Role in Americans’ Climate Opinions

A new study featured in Business Wire reveals that 57 percent of Americans cite natural disasters as being highly influential in shaping their climate opinions. The study, conducted by business communications firm Gibbs & Soell, also found that water scarcity is increasingly on Americans’ minds. Just under half of Americans say they’re more concerned about […]

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New Poll: 83% of Americans Support Action on Climate

New poll results released this week by the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University and the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication reveal that Americans are supportive of action on climate change and have clear opinions about who can and should take this action.   Here are a few of poll’s key […]

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Study: Major Media Isn’t Making the Climate Change Connection

This past July, media outlets regularly covered the recent heat waves that have overwhelmed a vast majority of our country, but they failed to make the connection to climate change. In fact, this study by Media Matters found only 8.7% of major television segments and 25.5% of print articles connected the dots between the heat […]

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New Poll: Pro-Climate Political Leaders Win With Majority of Americans

A new report by Yale Project on Climate Change Communication found — at a national and key swing states level — that a pro-climate stance has more potential to benefit political office candidates than harm them. 55% of registered voters said they will take a candidate’s opinion on climate change into consideration this upcoming November […]

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Californians – Harbingers of Environment Values

Although this Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) Survey conducted in July 2012 only looks at Californians’ voting preferences in consideration with the environment, as a state that heralds landmark initiatives like AB32, respondent sentiment provides insight on how the rest of the nation might perceive similar initiatives. While the survey found strong partisan divide […]

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Latino Opinion On the Environment (Good News)

In follow-up to their 2008 survey, project New America partnered with Sierra Club and National Council of La Raza (NCLR) to conduct a nationwide study of Latino voters’ opinions on various environment issues. The results characterize Latinos as strong environmental advocates, leading above the general American public. For example, 77% believe climate change is already […]

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