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Americans More Convinced Than Ever That Climate Changed Is Caused By Humans, New Poll

Nearly half of Americans (46%) believe that climate change is having a serious impact now, according to a new poll by CBS News / The New York Times. Moreover, more than half — 54% — of Americans believe that climate change is human-caused, the highest percentage ever recorded by a CBS News / The New York Times […]

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New Poll: Three in 10 Americans Will Pledge to Vote for Candidates Who Share Their Views on Climate

New polling results released this month reveal that millions of registered voters would sign a pledge to vote for, would volunteer for, or would give money to candidates who share their views on climate change, if asked to do so by a person they like and respect.   The research, conducted by the Center for […]

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New Analysis: Red States and Blue States Agree We Need Action on Climate Change

Conventional wisdom (and research) tells us that Republicans and Democrats are about as far apart in their views on climate change as you can get. But a new meta-analysis of polling data recently featured in The Huffington Post suggests a different story. The analysis, conducted by the Program for Public Consultation (PPC), a joint project of the […]

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Americans Twice as Likely to Vote for Candidates That Support Climate Action, New Poll

Registered voters in the U.S. are 2.5 times more likely to vote for presidential or congressional candidates who support action on climate change, according to a new polling report released last week. Moreover, registered voters are 3 times more likely to vote against a candidate who opposes climate action. The poll, conducted by the Center […]

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Poll: Majority of Small Business Owners Worried About Climate, Ready for Action

Small business owners are worried about climate change, and support action on the issue, according to a new poll by the American Sustainable Business Council. The poll, which was recently featured by ThinkProgress, found that close to 90 percent of small business owners say that climate change could harm in their business in the future. […]

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New Poll: Most Americans Willing to Pay to Curb Climate Change

Most Americans say they would be willing to pay more for energy if it meant reducing carbon emissions, according to a new poll by Bloomberg News. The poll, which was conducted just days after the Environmental Protection Agency announced new plans to reduce carbon emissions from power plants, found that 62 percent of Americans would […]

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New Poll: 70% of Americans Support Regulating Carbon Pollution From Power Plants

Polling results released Tuesday show that 70 percent of Americans support regulating carbon and other greenhouse gas pollution from power plants. The joint Washington Post – ABC News poll, which was recently featured in The Washington Post, found that 78 percent of Democrats, 69 percent of Independents, and 63 percent of Republicans say that the […]

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New Research: ‘Global Warming’ Resonates More Strongly Than ‘Climate Change’

New research suggests that climate communicators may be better off using the term “global warming” rather than “climate change.” The research, conducted by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication, includes a suite of studies designed to uncover Americans’ familiarity and associations with the two different […]

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Climate Change Ranks As Most Divisive Political Issue in New Poll

A new poll identified climate change as the single most politically divisive issue among a list of hot-button issues including abortion, gun control, and the death penalty, says a recent Huffington Post article. The survey, conducted by University of New Hampshire sociology professor Lawrence Hamilton, revealed that climate change garnered gaps of 53 percentage points […]

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Americans Are More Concerned About Clean Energy Than Climate Change

New polling results released this month indicate that far more Americans are concerned about clean energy than global warming. According to the poll, which was conducted by the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University and the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, 61 percent of Americans say developing new sources of energy […]

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