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Americans More Convinced Than Ever That Climate Changed Is Caused By Humans, New Poll

Nearly half of Americans (46%) believe that climate change is having a serious impact now, according to a new poll by CBS News / The New York Times. Moreover, more than half — 54% — of Americans believe that climate change is human-caused, the highest percentage ever recorded by a CBS News / The New York Times […]

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How to Market Climate Change: Tips from an Expert

One of the biggest challenges environmental advocates face is talking about eco-climate issues in a way that resonates with mainstream audiences. David Fenton, Founder and CEO of Fenton Communications and ecoAmerica Board Member, however, is out to change that. Over the past three decades, Fenton and his colleagues have transformed the way hundreds of environmental […]

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The Pope is Going Green (And Telling People, Too)

Pope Francis, who named himself after the patron saint of the environment and animals, already made something of a statement about his opinions on environmental issues when he held up an anti-fracking t-shirt last fall. But now, sources published in a Huffington Post article say the Pope is taking things one step further and writing […]

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[Survey] Latinos Show Concern About Conservation Issues

California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund in partnership with through Tulchin Research conducted a in-depth statewide survey among 500 Latino voters in California to better understand their attitudes toward various conservation issues. The survey found 90% of Latino voters agree that we can “protect the environment and create jobs at the same time” and […]

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Californians – Harbingers of Environment Values

Although this Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) Survey conducted in July 2012 only looks at Californians’ voting preferences in consideration with the environment, as a state that heralds landmark initiatives like AB32, respondent sentiment provides insight on how the rest of the nation might perceive similar initiatives. While the survey found strong partisan divide […]

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Latino Opinion On the Environment (Good News)

In follow-up to their 2008 survey, project New America partnered with Sierra Club and National Council of La Raza (NCLR) to conduct a nationwide study of Latino voters’ opinions on various environment issues. The results characterize Latinos as strong environmental advocates, leading above the general American public. For example, 77% believe climate change is already […]

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Trends in America’s Climate and Environmental Attitudes: 2012 [new ecoAmerica report]

by ecoAmerica Marketing Manager Celina Plaza  ecoAmerica is pleased to announce the release of our 2012 report on Trends in America’s Climate and Environmental Attitudes. Each year ecoAmerica analyzes the major U.S. environmental polls. The purpose of this report is to look across several polls and data points to compare findings and bring forth the […]

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American Priorities Report: Global Warming Concern Drops 13% Over Five Years, Partisan Divide on Environment

2011 marked another year for decline in support on the environment. The latest Pew report on public priorities states, “No issue divides partisans more than the environment.” Global warming, while more heavily prioritized by Democrats, has drastically and consecutively fallen in the past five years — to the bottom of the list of American priorities.  […]

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Trends in America’s Climate & Environmental Attitudes: 2011

ecoAmerica has released "Trends in America's Climate & Environmental Attitudes: 2011," a summary of the latest polls on Americans' environmental beliefs, concerns, and priorities.  The polls indicate "over the past two years, American public opinion on climate and environmental issues has gone through what may be a historic, negative shift." Read full report below or […]

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Economy Dominates Public's Agenda, Dims Hopes for the Future

Economy Dominates Public’s Agenda, Dims Hopes for the Future

In Pew's annual Top Policy Priorities poll, environment and global warming once again fell in priority, each received their lowest-ever rank.  The poll also found partisanship  continuing to play a large role in prioritization, with Democrats rating environment and global warming as higher priorities, and Republicans rating them lower. (more…)

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