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Motivating Climate-Friendly Behavior: A Human-Centered Approach

Along with expanding our clean energy options, using energy more efficiently is an important component in the climate change fight. But getting consumers to participate in energy efficiency programs isn’t always easy. Two of the most commonly used levers – explaining the benefits and offering incentives – haven’t proven to be effective on their own. […]

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4 Reasons States and Utilities Should Keep Reducing Carbon Emissions

As we mentioned here a few weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled to temporarily freeze implementation of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. However, many states and utilities are still moving towards compliance with the plan. This GreenBiz article presents four compelling reasons why.   1. The Clean Power Plan is legally solid. The Supreme Court itself […]

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Why Conservatives Should Take a Fresh Look at Solar Energy

Solar power in the U.S. continues to grow by leaps and bounds – installations soared in 2015 as prices fell, and 2016 seems likely to be another record-breaking year. At the end of December, Congress extended the investment tax credit for solar and wind projects, sending stock prices up as well as orders for new […]

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3 Tips to Make Energy Efficiency More Appealing

Energy efficiency is a major deal – according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, it saved the U.S. $800 billion last year alone, and could cut power use 40 to 60 percent by 2050. But in order for that to happen, ordinary Americans have to buy in.   As this E&E article points […]

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Is “Eliminating Waste” the New “Energy Efficiency”?

What are people more concerned about – conserving energy, or wasting energy? For many businesses, the idea of eliminating waste is becoming more compelling than the notion of conservation.   According to the article below, companies still care about saving money through greater energy efficiency, but cost is no longer the only motivator. They want […]

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Want People to Save Energy? Choose the Right Imagery

Storytelling and the use of images are two of the most powerful tools for effective climate communication – and if you can combine them, all the better. Stories and pictures help remove distance and abstraction, and make climate change issues more personal, real, and compelling. But it’s important to be thoughtful about the images you […]

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Behavior Modification

How Behavior Modification Can Close the Energy-Reduction Gap

Policies and program aimed at gaining efficiencies and trimming waste form the backbone of any good action plan. Local leaders have a vast array of tools at their disposal for addressing energy consumption, water usage, materials management, and transportation modes, which – when combined – are the core elements of a good climate and sustainability […]

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The Power of Possibility: Putting Climate Action Within Everyone’s Reach

Climate solutions are everywhere, if you know where to look. For example, a data center in Germany has found an energy-efficient use for the heat generated by their network of servers. Instead of keeping all the servers in a single location, they are storing the cabinets in houses and apartment buildings, where the heat can […]

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The Surprisingly Big Impact of Individual Climate Actions

In order for people to take action against a problem, they need to believe the problem can be solved. Climate change can seem like an impossibly vast challenge – and often, people think their own individual efforts can’t make a difference. As climate communicators, it’s important to show people how they can be part of […]

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What the Military Can Teach Us About Climate Communication

A new Pentagon report mentioned in a recent Green Biz article calls climate change a “threat multiplier.” The report also identifies a host of global climate impacts, from resource competition to social tension and political instability. In addition, the military is reportedly preparing adaptation plans and actively making investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and […]

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