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Governors From 17 States Commit to a Clean Energy Future

The transition to a low-carbon economy in America seems more inevitable every day. This week, a bipartisan coalition of governors from 17 states pledged to expand clean energy, update grids to integrate wind and solar generation, and reduce carbon emissions from transport. As The Guardian reports here, the accord states that the U.S. must “embrace […]

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New Harvard Study Highlights Health Benefits of Clean Energy

When the White House launched the EPA’s new Clean Power Plan last month, they released a fact sheet showing how the plan would improve public health. A new study from Harvard University backs up those claims. As Climate Central explains in this article, the study found that energy efficiency and use of clean energy could […]

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Community Choice Aggregation

How the Community Choice Model Is Accelerating the Shift to Clean Energy

Americans want clean energy – and while Congress has been slow to act, many communities are taking matters into their own hands. As this Guardian article reports, publicly-run programs called Community Choice Aggregation are giving states, cities, and counties across the nation the ability to choose where their energy comes from.   Here’s how it […]

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Global Divestment Day

Divestment: How You Can Help Make Fossil Fuels a Thing of the Past

We’re all familiar with the concept of voting with your wallet – refusing to patronize an establishment or buy a brand whose business practices you find abhorrent. But there’s another approach that may be even more powerful: voting with your portfolio.   As clean energy becomes more affordable and oil prices continue to fall, more […]

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Further Evidence that Good Climate Policy Works – and Grows the Economy

Here at ecoAmerica we emphasize climate solutions in a big way because our research (American Climate Values 2014) says it’s necessary for people to understand that solutions exist in order to engage them on the issue. The general media covers climate change mostly from a scientific debate and political conflict frame, so most people either […]

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