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How to Engage Millennials on Climate Change

It doesn’t matter whether you are creating a marketing strategy or a research report on climate change, putting yourself in the shoes of your audience and understanding their perspective is a critical part of the process. Only if you can think like, feel like and behave like your audience, will you be able to communicate […]

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Using Storytelling to Motivate New Audiences

One of the biggest challenges cause communicators face is engaging individuals who aren’t already deeply invested in an issue. In a recent Chronicle of Philanthropy article, communication guru Paul VanDeCarr suggests a new approach to reaching new audiences: storytelling. Storytelling, especially storytelling that utilizes social media and other online platforms, can help turn lukewarm supporters into engaged audiences.   The […]

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What’s Missing From Sustainability Communication

Too often, businesses rely only on numbers when communicating about their sustainability commitments. This has started to change, as companies like Chipotle have come to recognize the power of storytelling for sustainability. But stories alone may not be enough, either, write Matt Polsky and Claire Sommer in a recent article published by Sustainable Brands.   […]

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This Tea Party Leader is Championing Green. Here’s Why.

Debbie Dooley isn’t your typical Tea Party leader. She’s a Georgia grandmother who became an activist six years ago when her first grandson was born. Dooley is co-founder of the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots, and has been active with the Tea Party Patriots since their inception. Last summer, she teamed up with the Sierra Club […]

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Communications gone viral: the role of emotion

No one wants to post a video or an article that will only be seen once. People want their content to go viral. Indeed, it’s this kind of scale that we at ecoAmerica strive for, and it’s this kind of scale that we encourage in our climate colleagues around the country. The tricky part is […]

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Tapping into Viral Memes to Boost Climate Change Positioning

A recent post from Co.Exist highlights Joe Brewer and Balazs Karafiath, partners of San Francisco consultancy DarwinSF, who say that “Global Warming is a Virus.” The post explains the popularity of memes, their ability to go viral in a short amount of time, and how this strategy can be employed in climate change communication. Brewer […]

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Taking Stock: U.S. Climate Engagement [New Research]

Over the past few months, the Skoll Global Threats Fund undertook research and commissioned a number of studies to better understand the current state of public engagement around climate change in the United States. The goal was to explore how the philanthropic sector could empower a more targeted, effective, and evidence-based approach to public engagement […]

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Finding the No-Spin Zone on Climate Change

In this Huffington Post article, Hunter Cutting presents an interesting viewpoint on climate change communication: the challenge and responsibility can be grasped by a child, so why do we get caught in a spin with adults? As Cutting simply states, it’s because global warming isn’t a science problem — it’s a political problem. We know […]

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Across Party Lines, Americans Support Action To Reduce Global Warming [Report]

A report titled “The Political Benefits to Taking a Pro-Climate Stand in 2013” by Yale and George Mason University found many advantages to climate action in government. In fact, it seems like a no-brainer for a politician to support climate initiatives. The report found that the majority of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans support efforts to […]

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Seven Tasks for Connecting in a Murky Climate

Last week ecoAmerica‘s Meighen Speiser joined Cara Pike from Climate Access on a panel at the BECC conference. Together they spoke of salient and effective paths forward for climate communication that inspires action. In this article, Cara lays out 7 clear tasks for those facing the murky waters of climate communication to help translate it […]

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