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Will the Paris Climate Accord Put an End to Climate Denial?

Climate denial has been tough to overcome. Despite a mountain of scientific evidence and the belief of most Americans that climate change is real and serious, many prominent political leaders (and all of the major GOP presidential candidates) still remain skeptical. But as this Washington Post article explains, the groundbreaking climate agreement in Paris may […]

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Did Corporate Funding Help Create the Climate Divide?

The vast majority of climate scientists agree that climate change is real, serious, and caused by humans – yet many Americans continue to express doubt about climate change. How can that be? A new study from Yale University may have an answer.   As The Washington Post reports, the study analyzed climate data published by […]

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How Climate Change Affects Our Mental Health – and What to Do About It

We’ve talked often on this blog about the health impacts of climate change. Health professionals as well as government leaders are increasingly aware that carbon pollution exacerbates respiratory illnesses and vector-borne diseases – and they also know that we can save thousands of lives and millions of dollars by fighting climate change. But less well […]

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Denier, Doubter, Believer, Advocate: Charting a New Path Forward on Climate Solutions in America

Americans agree that we disagree about climate change. It’s a minefield of political, technical, economic, and social conflict. We prefer not to talk about it. The implications are uncomfortable, and there’s a better chance for argument than helpful discussion. In fact, climate change is now the most divisive issue in America, more than abortion or […]

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Is Climate Skepticism on the Way Out?

As the international climate summit in Paris grows ever nearer, social and political support for climate solutions continues to mount – and climate denial is going the way of the dodo. As this Guardian article explains, there are three main reasons for this shift.   1) People are seeing evidence of climate change with their […]

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The Importance of Listening When Talking About Climate Change

The overwhelming majority of scientists believe that global warming is caused by human activity – but less than half of Americans share that opinion. If we are to build mainstream support for climate solutions, is it essential to change their minds? Maybe not. As this GreenBiz article points out, many Americans who are firm supporters of […]

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Here’s Why More Than 56% of Congressional Republicans Deny Climate Change

With so much scientific evidence showing the causes and risks of climate change, why do so many politicians continue to deny that climate change is man-made? According to a new study by researchers at the University of Maryland and the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center, the climate debate is largely fueled by “echo chambers,” where policymakers […]

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The Role of Conditioning in Climate Denial (and How to Reverse It)

People who accept – and especially people who are concerned about – climate change often have a hard time understanding how others can feel differently, especially in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence. This blog post by business consultant and evangelical Christian Dr. Scott Rodin offers some insights. Though he strongly believes that we have […]

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3 Ways Climate Denial Gets in the Way of Good Science

There is nearly unanimous consensus among climate scientists that climate change is happening and that human activity is the cause. Yet there is still widespread belief among Americans that climate change is under debate. One reason might be the media’s tendency to treat both sides of the question equally – a practice memorably skewered on […]

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Over 90% of TV Weathercasters Now Accept the Reality of Climate Change

Acceptance of climate change and awareness of climate impacts has increased dramatically among TV weathercasters. According to a new survey from the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, over 90 percent of TV weathercasters have concluded that climate change is happening (versus 54 percent in 2010), and almost 90 percent believe humans are […]

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