Solar Installers you can trust!

You need to know your solar installation runs as easily and smoothly as possible. That’s why all of our partners at Eco Affect are MCS accredited so you know that once your panels are live you’ll be reaping the rewards. 

Our partners are all backed by the HEIS scheme; the Home Insulation and Energy Systems insurance-backed guarantee.

Add Battery Storage with your solar panels

Battery Storage enables you to store the energy your solar panels generate when you are not using it. Helping you to save even more money. Use a tariff like Octopus Go/Intelligent to fill it overnight in winter too! 

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MacArthur Foundation-8.25.15The climate movement is at a crucial juncture. With prominent faith leaders speaking out for climate action, the recent launch of the Clean Power Plan, and the U.S., China, and Brazil making major climate commitments in advance of the Paris U.N. conference, we’re seeing a major shift in the right direction – but Congressional support for meaningful climate policy is still lacking.

To help build voter consensus and put climate issues at the heart of the 2016 election, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation has pledged $50 million to environmental organizations that are promoting climate leadership. We are honored to be one of the beneficiaries, and to be named among such illustrious organizations as the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Sierra Club.

At $3 million, this is MacArthur’s third and largest grant to ecoAmerica. They have been important champions of our climate communications research and our efforts to empower leaders across multiple sectors through our MomentUs initiative. We’re very proud to have their continuing support.

MacArthur’s $50-Million Climate-Change Push Aims at Voters
By Alex Daniels, contributor to The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The MacArthur foundation announced Wednesday that its $50-million pledge to climate change will be distributed among nine established environmental organizations to build consensus and put the issue on voters’ minds during the 2016 presidential race.

The climate-change commitment is part of an overhaul announced last week by Julia Stasch, the Chicago foundation’s president.

The nine beneficiaries of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s climate-change effort:

• The Environmental Defense Fund and the Nature Conservancy will split $20 million for general operating expenses and coalition building.
• The Sierra Club will get $15 million for its Beyond Coal campaign.
• ClimateWorks Foundation, ecoAmerica, Energy Foundation, and the Natural Resources Defense Council will receive $3 million each, largely for general operating support.
• Environmental Law and Policy Center will get $1.5 million for general operating support.
• The Carbon Disclosure Project will receive $340,000 to accelerate the completion of a carbon pricing system.

A handful of smaller grants in the fourth quarter of this year will bring the total to just over $50 million.

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Image credit: NASA

Charge your EV with solar panels

Are you one of the growing number of people who want to depend less on the grid? If you have an electric vehicle or are thinking about getting one, you can certainly benefit from solar power.

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How Eco Affect solar panel quotes work

  1. Tell us the size of the system you think you'll need, along with a few details
  2. We'll review the information and pair you with our partner installer for your area
  3. Our accredited installer will be in touch to quote for your new solar installation

How we approve our partner solar panel installers

Each town has a partner installer, meaning that you will be put in touch with a local company for your quote and potential installation.

We vet our partners in 4 different ways:

  • Verify that they are MCS accredited
  • Verify that they are backed by the HEIS scheme
  • Check their reviews and overall customer satisfaction
  • Ensure that their team have been consistently reliable and experienced

FAQs about Solar Panel Installation

Does it matter which direction my roof is facing when installing solar panels?

You will always have options when planning a solar installation to have your panels placed on the most optimal side; this being south-facing in the UK. Our installers will talk you through where is best for solar panels.

Does it matter what type of roof I have when installing solar panels?

Yes, it does matter what type of roof you have, as often, installers cannot put solar panels on flat, thatched, shingle, tile, glass and wooden roofs. Consult with an installer to figure out what your best options are.

What is the process for solar panel installation?

Solar panel installers will first quote for a job, then go into more depth, planning the most optimal setup for your home. This includes monitoring the path of the sun, shaded areas in your surroundings, roof pitch, size and wattage.

Are solar panels right for my home?

You'll only know whether solar panels are right for your home by getting a quote and a survey from a professional. This way, you can fully understand how solar panels could work for you, and will know if they absolutely aren't suitable.

Do I need planning permission for solar panels?

You may need planning permission for solar panels on your home, but this is rare; it is usually needed if you live in a listed building or if you are within a conservation area/world heritage site.