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Higher Education Leaders to Convene on Climate Solutions

The following is a guest post by Tatiana Brailovskaya (Second Nature).   Second Nature’s 2014 Presidential Summit on Climate Leadership is gearing up to start in Boston on October 1. The event is expected to bring together over 200 higher education sustainability leaders — including university and college presidents who are signatories to the American College & University Presidents’ […]

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Republicans Already Convinced, says George Mason/Yale Survey

George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communications’ new poll on the attitudes of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents came out yesterday, and results show that despite the much-discussed partisan divide, standard climate messages are making some significant non-partisan inroads. The GMU/Yale study found that the majority of Republicans think climate change is happening (52 percent), […]

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Young Climate Activists Putting Climate Change Back in the News

Mainstream media is covering climate change again, partly thanks to young climate activists changing the way the media is utilized. Young adults are making their voices heard by finding new ways to deploy digital media, and by making media coverage easier. Boston College sociologist William Gamson points out that young activists are using more non-violent […]

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Santa’s Special Request this Holiday Season [Video]

May your home be filled with an abundance of family, friends, laughter, and fun this holiday season. Bring more joy to the season by viewing this special holiday message delivered by Santa himself — and then pass it along to others to enjoy! From all of us at ecoAmerica, we hope you have a green […]

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Majority of New Yorkers Link Sandy with Climate [New Poll]

Siena College conducted a poll amongst New York area residents to evaluate whether they believe that Super-storm Sandy was caused by climate change. 69% of voters connected the dots, while only 24% isolated the events. Skepticism remained strongest amongst the Republican party — with only 46% attributing the storms to climate change — compared to […]

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A horrendous hurricane season closing, and Americans (rightfully) fearing they will worsen

The 2012 hurricane season encompassed a total of 19 named storms in the Atlantic, recorded to be the third-highest level of storm activity since 1851. In the ABC News segment featured in this article, victims of Sandy were interviewed, and their demands for a plan to prevent future disasters are fierce. Heidi Cullen explains why […]

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Reconstruction from Sandy Could Usher Progress on Climate Change, But Only If We Take Immediate Action

In a segment on Democracy Now, Naomi Klein, the award-winning author of “The Shock Doctrine,” urges Americans to not let the multi-million-dollar disaster of Sandy fade away. Instead, she asks us to use this momentum to build opportunity for taking action against climate change and stop sea level rise. She urges Americans to shift our […]

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John Englander’s “High Tide On Main Street” Predicts The Fatality of the Rising Sea Level A Week before Sandy Hits [New Book]

John Englander, a friend of ecoAmerica’s, has written a new book on climate change and the impending crisis the public faces from its effects. The book is an important read for those trying to grasp the realities of what current and future generations are facing. High Tide On Main Street: Rising Sea Level and the […]

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Urgency for Action Increasing in America

Since Sandy and recent extreme weather patterns, a recent poll shows that 82% Democrats, 73% Independents and 50% of Republicans show desire for climate action as they worry about extreme weather and its associated growing costs. 65%, a majority of voters want immediate action and urge for renewable energy over fossil fuels or the tar […]

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[New Report] Americans Believe the President & Congress Needs to Make Climate Change A Priority

Yesterday, Yale Project on Climate Change Communication released its fourth report from their latest national survey of over 1,000 adults. In September 2012, it was reported that a growing majority of Americans say the President and Congress should make global warming a priority and that corporations, industry, and citizens themselves should do more to address […]

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