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How Climate Solutions Help Keep Our Soldiers Safe

Climate change may still under debate on Capitol Hill, but that’s not the case at the Pentagon. Last July, they issued a report calling climate change a major national security issue, and have made addressing it a big part of their global strategy. Preparing for the risks of rising seas and extreme weather may save […]

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How to Finance the Global Transition to Clean Energy

Last December in Paris, the world reached a groundbreaking and profoundly important agreement to rein in global carbon emissions. Now that the confetti has been swept away, we’re faced with the challenge of how to pay for the needed transformation.   According to this new report, the world’s financial markets have adequate funds to pay […]

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4 Characteristics of Successful Climate Leaders

Whether they’re in the business, health, faith, community, or higher education sector, climate leaders are tasked with creating positive, transformative change within their organizations. This is not always easy. But as this article in the Harvard Business Review points out, successful change leaders have four things in common:   1. They recognize and are committed […]

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The Clean Energy Economy: Not If, But When

The Paris Climate Agreement has set the world on an inevitable path towards a low-carbon economy. The question is no longer whether this transformation will take place, but how quickly – and who will step up to accelerate clean energy to the levels we need to meet the Paris goals.   In this Huffington Post […]

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Almost Half of U.S. States Are Considering Carbon Trading Programs

We’ve been noticing a growing trend – conservatives are becoming more pragmatic about climate issues, and proposing market-based climate solutions. Right now, nearly half of U.S. states, including many with Republican governors, are considering using some form of carbon trading to help them comply with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. Though some governors strongly oppose […]

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The Role of Psychology in Climate Communications

With global heat records being shattered each year, the reality of climate change is increasingly evident – so why aren’t more people willing to take action? Much of it has to do with human psychology. As people grow aware of the damage to the climate, they often experience a sense of loss and grief that […]

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Why Millennials Are Crucial to our Clean Energy Future

As the largest generation in America, millennial voters will have an enormous ability to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Whether they turn out – and who they vote for – will be a key factor in determining America’s clean energy future.   In a new USA TODAY poll, 80 percent of millennials […]

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New Report: Morality May Be the Key to Engaging Americans on Climate Change

As we’ve mentioned here before, 2015 was a pivotal year for the climate movement – in large part because faith leaders like Pope Francis helped reframe climate change as a moral issue. A new study by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication found that this message could resonate well with Americans who are currently […]

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How Collaboration Can Make Climate Solutions Smarter

One challenge we face as climate communicators is the misperception that climate solutions require sacrifice. In reality, climate solutions present opportunities to create a better world – not only for people, but also for wildlife.   As David Yarnold, President of the National Audubon Society (and ecoAmerica board member) points out here, it’s possible to develop ambitious clean […]

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Why Climate Coverage Fails to Engage Audiences (and How That Can Be Improved)

2015 was arguably the most newsworthy year ever for the climate movement – but except for major events like Pope Francis’ encyclical and the COP21 summit, climate change actually suffered from a lack of media coverage. As this Huffington Post article explains, many climate experts and journalists feel climate change gets far less attention in […]

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