5 Simple Steps Anyone Can Take to Fight Climate Change

5 simple steps to climate actionWhen climate change seems like an overwhelming challenge, it’s important to let people know how their individual efforts can make a real difference – and if they can scale up those efforts to include their co-workers, congregation, or community, all the better.
This Guardian article shares a number of concrete ways ordinary people can take action on climate, as suggested by climate leaders like Solitaire Townsend, co-founder of Futerra Sustainability Communications, and May Boeve, executive director of 350.org. Here are 5 steps that individuals and organizations can take:
1. Vote for/endorse candidates that make climate a priority. The majority of voters (including 54 percent of conservative Republicans) believe climate change is happening and support climate solutions. Those voters have the power to elect candidates whose policies align with their beliefs.
2. Go solar, small or big, alone or in the community. Solar power is more affordable than ever, and new community solar projects make it easy for people or groups who can’t install solar panels to opt for clean energy.
3. Divest your money from fossil fuels. Whether you’re an individual, a university, a church, a corporation, or a health care organization, you can choose to take your investment dollars out of the hands of polluters, and invest in climate solutions instead.
4. Cycle, bus, train, car share – or drive an electric car. Climate-friendly transportation options become more available every day. You can choose one of these for your personal commute, and/or provide clean transportation options for your staff or campus.
5. Eat more local food. Or, better, eat less meat. Whether shopping for yourself or procuring for your workplace cafeteria, choose sustainable options that don’t have to be transported hundreds of miles.
Read on for many other great ways to take action.

10 Green Leaders on the Best Ways You Can Fight Climate Change

By Emma Howard, contributor to the Guardian
We asked people at the forefront of the climate movement for simple steps ordinary people can take to make a difference
Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion and former leader of the Green Party
1) Go to Paris this December
“The climate summit in Paris later this year will see leaders from across the world come together in an attempt to thrash out a deal to cut global carbon emissions. To help put pressure on the ‘men in grey suits’, I’ll be taking part in the mass demonstrations on the Parisian streets that will take place alongside the summit.”
2) Support nationalisation of the railways
“I want to see a reversal of the trend which has seen the cost of travelling by bus and train soar while car travel, which has far higher carbon emissions per mile travelled, has become cheaper. Excellent public transport is possible – and bringing the railways back into public hands is a crucial first step in giving people cheaper, reliable and convenient options that don’t require driving. One bill I’ve put before MPs would bring our railways back into public ownership, with the second reading on 22 January.”
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