New Poll: 84% of Latino Voters Want More Clean Energy

Latino voters and climate change

Candidates seeking to capture the Latino vote in the 2016 election would do well to address climate change. A new poll by Earthjustice and GreenLatinos shows that Latinos are strongly in favor of reducing air pollution, believe the U.S. should mandate more wind and solar power, and support state measures that would help prevent climate change.
As we’ve mentioned before, Latinos and other populations of color are disproportionately impacted by climate change. Latinos also feel a strong connection with nature and believe it’s very important to protect wildlife and public lands. And while they consider economic growth to be a top priority, a majority believe that stronger environmental laws would strengthen the economy and create jobs.

Latinos and the Environment

Earthjustice & GreenLatinos: 2015 Environmental Attitudes Survey by Latino Decisions
A new poll shows that registered Latino voters have a strong commitment to conservation, the environment and a genuine interest in how climate change impacts their families and communities.
The poll, by Earthjustice and GreenLatinos, conducted by Latino Decisions, also highlighted Latino concerns on a range of energy and environmental issues, as well as immigration reform and economic growth.
Latino Voters - Clean Energy

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