How Business Leaders Are Fueling the Energy of Climate Solutions

SolarPanelAndSkyThere’s no doubt that those of us already keen on business leaders finding climate solutions are excited. The 2015 solar jobs forecast is 8x greater than oil, gas, and coal combined. But, recent news is driving a sense of optimism even higher. Why? Two reasons.
Simply put, the first reason is funding. The adage “put your money where your mouth is” was made real by the MacArthur Foundation’s $50 million “down payment” on climate work in support of nine environmental organizations. And I’m proud to say that ecoAmerica has earned a spot on that esteemed list. My colleagues and I are humbled, but we appreciate their acknowledgement of the hard work we do to fulfill our mission. MacArthur’s pledge is just one of multiple financial commitments that are enabling a shared vision of getting beyond our reliance on fossil fuels.
Other philanthropists – some of whom are successful business people – are also pitching in. For example, hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer provides bipartisan financial support to politicians who lay out climate change visions and plans. This may have encouraged Hillary Clinton to make her thinking clear in her July 26th announcement pledging support for renewable energy projects.
A second factor contributing to our positive outlook is leadership. Thought leadership in decision-making on climate solutions is fueling momentum – and once again, MacArthur is a prime example. Julie Stasch, CEO of MacArthur, is demonstrating courage with a big, bold vision for the nation’s 10th largest foundation. By getting rid of small grants in favor of game-changing opportunities, Ms. Stasch is tapping into the kind of ambition that makes business leaders buzz with excitement. American business owners are the engine for seizing opportunities to innovate and solve problems. Our business ingenuity continues to fuel American pride and job creation, and MacArthur’s funding can help us work towards larger-scale projects and transformative change.
Likewise, we’ve been seeing more instances of business leaders speaking up on climate solutions, such as the 365 businesses who recently signed a letter in support of the Clean Power Plan.
So, if you are a small or medium sized business, how do you join your peers in supporting climate solutions?
America Knows How is a business sector program aiming to support the proverbial “small guy” in their climate leadership. We provide tools and resources that guide the first steps toward making climate commitment real (see Create Your Company’s Climate Vision Statement). We also provide the market research to back up those tools, like our report Communicating on Climate: 13 Steps & Guiding Principles. Join America Knows How today and be part of a growing network of business leaders who are taking action on climate.
Image credit: “SolarPanelAndSky” by Mark Dixon – Creative Commons

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