10 Actions That Can Deliver up to 96% of Required Emissions Cuts (and Grow the Economy, Too)

A woman wearing a mask walks on a bridge during a hazy day in downtown ShanghaiA low-carbon global economy is within our reach. We have the tools and the technology – what we need now is to work together. A new report from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate found that, by taking 10 recommended actions, we can achieve up to 96 percent of the carbon emissions reductions needed to keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius. These actions will not only help minimize climate impacts and provide cleaner air and a healthier environment – they will also deliver significant economic benefits.
Very briefly, here are the 10 actions outlined in the report:
1) Accelerate low-carbon development in cities
2) Protect forest and agricultural landscapes while boosting productivity
3) Make large-scale investments in clean energy
4) Raise global energy efficiency standards
5) Implement carbon pricing
6) Make sure new infrastructure is climate smart
7) Increase funding for low-carbon innovation
8) Drive low-carbon growth through business and investor action
9) Coordinate international reductions in maritime and aviation emissions
10) Phase out the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)
The report stresses that reaching this goal will require better cooperation between governments, businesses, and communities. But most importantly, it offers yet more proof that we can grow our economy and fight climate change at the same time. Read the Reuters article below for a broader overview, or view the full report here.

Study Urges 10 Climate Actions to Curb Warming, Lift GDP

By Alister Doyle, Reuters environment correspondent
* Action would help put world on track to UN climate goals
* Energy efficiency most profitable bet-international report
More efficient energy use and investments in greener cities are among 10 measures that can help the world to slow global warming while also spurring economic growth, an international report said on Tuesday.
Action across the 10 areas could achieve between 59 and 96 percent of the cuts in greenhouse gas emissions needed by 2030 to keep global warming below a U.N. maximum of 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels, it said.
“We’ve identified some of the most promising opportunities,” Felipe Calderon, a former Mexican president who chairs the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, told Reuters of the 10 goals.
“The most profitable … is energy efficiency,” he said of the report, drawn up by former heads of government, business leaders, economists and other experts.
It urged the Group of 20 major economies to set high global energy efficiency standards in sectors such as lighting, vehicles and buildings, estimating that curbs on energy waste could boost world economic output by up to $18 trillion by 2035.
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Image credit: Reuters/Aly Song

2 Responses to “10 Actions That Can Deliver up to 96% of Required Emissions Cuts (and Grow the Economy, Too)”

  1. I believe this list to be flawed because it completely ignores one of the biggest ways we can slow global warming…by eating less meat and meat products. I guess this group is scared of big meat and dairy…what a shame.

  2. Thanks for your note Lella. I agree, eating less meat and meat products is an issue that we don’t want to ignore. In fact, the Guardian recently published a great article on this very important topic (http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/dec/03/eating-less-meat-curb-climate-change).

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