How Wind Power Transformed an Ohio Community (Video)

Harnessing the WindClean energy doesn’t just protect the climate – it has the potential to save communities, too. That’s what happened in Ohio’s rural Van Wert County. In an area where just seven years ago farmers were struggling, factories were closing, and unemployment was high, now hundreds of wind turbines are creating jobs and big tax revenues along with renewable power.
As you’ll see in the video below, the wind turbines have been a huge win-win for the community. Farmers are able to recover money from the turbines on their property, tax revenues are paying for improvements in the schools, and a new wind energy program is training locals to work in the industry. As county resident Bob Barker put it, “Wind power gave the economy a shot in the arm.”
Despite this success, progress was interrupted last year when pressure from special interest groups caused Ohio politicians to halt new clean energy projects in the state.
It’s stories like these that show how important it is to spread the truth about clean energy. We need to let people know that it’s a boon for jobs and the economy. We need to make them aware of the health and environmental benefits of wind and solar power. And we need to address the myths, misinformation, and ingrained habits that keep people holding on to fossil fuels and business as usual.
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Harnessing the Wind

See the untold story of how wind energy is transforming a small Ohio community.
Tucked away in the vast cornfields of rural Northwest Ohio is a story of environmental and economic success that few have ever heard.
Just a few years ago, the towns of Van Wert and Paulding were being left behind by the 21st century economy. County offices were forced to go to four-day workweeks to save money, the local jail was outsourced, and the city stopped funding its economic development office, which is supposed to bring jobs to the community.
Fast forward a few years, the community is now home to hundreds of wind turbines that are generating not only clean, renewable energy, but are also generating a host of economic benefits for local businesses, school districts, and farmers.
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Image credit: Ohio Environmental Council

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