The New Zero Emissions Ford Electric Bike

102914_ford-pedego-electric-bike_OrigFord’s newest vehicle is completely electric and costs under $4,000. An article in the LA Times describes how Ford, looking towards the future and the need for more sustainable products, approached California-based electric bike company Pedego to build a bike that would carry the Ford logo. The result is the $3,695 Super Cruiser, an electric bike that can go 20 miles or more on a single charge, at speeds up to 20 mph. Pedego, founded in 2006 by former college roommates Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry, is now the largest electric bike retailer in the U.S. DiCostanzo refers to electric bikes as “gateway drugs” to electric cars. So, if that hilly commute is discouraging you from biking to work, maybe you should check out the new Ford Super Cruiser. And, who knows, maybe there is a zero emissions Ford automobile in your future.

Ford Goes Zero-Emissions with a Pedego Electric Bike

By Charles Fleming, writer for the LA Times
Ford Motor Co., as part of its commitment to putting more lower-emission vehicles on the road, has done a deal with California-based electric bicycle company Pedego.
The result: a Ford-branded beach cruiser powered by an electric battery that buys the rider up to 20 miles of pedal-free operation — or longer, if the rider pedals part of the time.
The original impulse, the auto company said, came from Executive Chairman Bill Ford, who has encouraged the company to reimagine the future of transportation.
“He has tasked us with looking into the future, and how we’re going to make sustainable products and be profitable,” said Erica Klampfl, the company’s Future Mobility manager. “We can no longer just think about being an automotive product company.”
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Image Credit: Pedego Electric Bikes

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