U.S. Military Report: Uncertainty ‘Cannot Be an Excuse for Delaying Action’ on Climate

101514ChuckHagel_OrigIt’s no secret that the military has climate change on its radar. But a new report released Monday indicates that the Department of Defense is doubling down on its strategies and plans to respond to climate change. The report, which was recently featured in Newsweek, lays out a comprehensive roadmap that identifies how climate change will affect military operations and how the DoD can respond. A key emphasis of the report is how climate change will exacerbate political instability, and consequently, the need for military intervention around the world. The report is not just significant in its implications for military strategy. Perhaps even more importantly, it holds the potential to increase the base of public support for climate action in the United States by showing the need for action even despite scientific uncertainty surrounding impacts.

Pentagon Report: U.S. Military Considers Climate Change a ‘Threat Multiplier’ That Could Exacerbate Terrorism

Zoë Schlanger, Contributor to Newsweek
A report released Monday indicates the Department of Defense has dramatically shifted its views towards climate change, and has already begun to treat the phenomenon as a significant threat to national security. Climate change, the Pentagon writes, requires immediate action on the part of the U.S. Military.
The report is a “roadmap” of the Department’s future needs and actions to effectively respond to climate change, including anticipating that climate change may require more frequent military intervention within the country to respond to natural disasters, as well as internationally to respond to “extremist ideologies” that may arise in regions where governments are destabilized due to climate-related stressors.
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