Climate Denial: Man-Made or Natural?

EcoAmericaLogoNOWHEATsmallish Bob Perkowitz, ecoAmerica's Founder and Chairman discusses how climate change denial is as man-made as the causes, influenced by fossil fuel-interests  protecting their profits.

By Bob Perkowitz, Founder and Chairman of ecoAmerica

October 31, 2010

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan said, "Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts."  Andy Rooney said, "If you have your facts wrong, you're not even entitled to your own opinion."   Somehow, over the past five years, climate change has entered the facts vs. ignorance realm – by next year more than half of Americans will believe that the current climate crisis is caused by nature.  This belief, however is clearly man-made, created by those we call climate deniers.

The oil and coal companies, operating out of their highest profit motive, spend whatever it takes to manipulate our politicians and public opinion to believe that that climate change is not an issue and that solving it is a problem.  Beyond that, in spite of his best efforts, under Al Gore's leadership, global warming has become highly politicized.  Now anyone who has a bone to pick with Obama or the Democrats, and even some Democrats themselves, find it obligatory to show their loyalties by denying the climate crisis.

If you think the climate crisis emanates from natural causes, there's pretty much no doubt that your belief is based on man-made causes – you're belief in climate has been bought and paid for by oil companies and far-right political operatives.  Facing South, a blog from the Institute of Southern Studies, calls attention to this phenomenon and a  little-known but very influential operative who is manipulating public opinion on climate.  Check out "A Pope of Climate Denial" at:


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