Is Consumer Confidence in Brand Sustainability Regressing?

SLMedia Yesterday in a post on Sustainable Life Media, Thomas Miner reports on a study that finds consumers and top US executives to be less confident that businesses are committed to sustainability overall. The survey sampled 2,605 adults and 304 executives. Most interestingly, the executives reported that a major barrier to embracing sustainability is the difficulty that comes with attempting to evaluate the sustainability of a product throughout its entire life cycle, from production through its use, until the item's disposal. Download the full report at the bottom of the post. 

Posted September 1, 2010

By, Thomas Miner, Sustainable Life Media 


September 1, 2010 – A study conducted in July of this year byGibbs and Soell found that only 16% of consumers surveyed believe that a majority of businesses are committed to sustainability – and only 48% believe that “some businesses” are committed. The numbers are not drastically different for exec’s – 29% and 54% respectively.
The report, conducted by Harris Online and titled “Sense and Sustainability”, sampled 2,605 U.S. adults online in July of this year. The poll also contacted 304 Fortune 1000 Executives, whose opinions mirrored those of the U.S. consumers. Many of the executives cited an insufficient return on investment (ROI) and consumers’ unwillingness to pay a premium for sustainable products as their primary obstacles to moving toward sustainability.
An interesting finding from the study is that almost half of all the executives surveyed report that difficulty in evaluating sustainability across the entire lifecycle of a product a as barrier to moving into sustainability – representing a huge opportunity for Lifecycle Analysis to gain a foothold.
To read more about the study and download the executive Summary,click here.

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