Going Green at College

ScienceFriday Part of today's Science Friday program that aired on National Public Radio featured a story about how colleges are taking steps to improve sustainability and reduce energy consumption. Guests included a college senior, a reporter from the Chronicle of Higher Education and the editor of the Sierra Clubs "Green Life" Blog.

ecoAmerica's program the American College and University President's Climate Commitment has nearly 700 school presidents signed up, representing 40% of US student body. They have
made a pledge to reduce emissions and take action to bring environmental
sustainability to their campuses. Over 30MM tons of carbon will be
eliminated as a result. And The Princeton Review College Green Ratings program has flourished since it's launch in 2008, recently launching the 2011 Green Ratings which ranks over 700 schools across the nation on practices ranging from energy efficiency to recycling programs to green curricula.

The excerpt from Science Friday's website:

Posted August 20, 2010

"As students prepare to return to college campuses across the US, we'll
talk about energy use and ecological activities on college campuses.
What are educational institutions doing to go green? We'll talk about
what some campuses are doing, from low-energy lighting and recycling
efforts, to intensive environmental education. We'll hear more."

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