Google Enters 20-Year, 114 Megawatt Deal With Iowa Wind Farm

Blogfeaturetemplate copy copy Today, Google announced that it is investing in a 20 year wind-power deal with a windfarm in Ohio – as reported on by Katherine Montgomery of The contract with Google will not only advance the company's goals of going carbon neutral but will also help the windfarm build more farms.

Posted July 21, 2010

By Katherine Montgomery,

Google just announced
on their blog
that they have entered into a 20-year green Power Purchase
Agreement with a windfarm in Iowa (pictured). The deal includes 114
megawatts of wind power from the NextEra
Energy Resources
facility in Story County, Iowa, at a predetermined
The power is enough to supply several energy centers for

The contract will also, according to the
, allow the wind farm enough financial security to build some
more farms, helping to expand renewable energies. Further, taking 114
megawatts of wind power off the market will also help to reduce supply,
encouraging other developers to build more to meet demand.

The company said in 2007 that they would go carbon neutral.
Since then, they have built efficient data centers, have
worked to powered their headquarters with solar power, and purchased
carbon offsets. Google notes that "Incorporating such a large amount of
wind power into our portfolio is tricky"; read more
about the deal here
. (Picture courtesy of Google.)

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