Kodak Unveils New Environmental Logo, Sustainability Website

Environmental leader logo2 Kodak is taking a big step into the green marketing world with the premiere of a new Kodak sustainable logo which will illustrate the positive efforts Kodak is making to reduce the environmental impact of its products and materials and also extend to customer education programs. The logo will appear with a "Kodak cares," tagline and only where other third-party logos (such as Energy Star) do not appear.

Posted May 18, 2010
By Environmental Leader

Kodakleaflogo2.8eucdl0dne0480socws4004s0.17ldmg3f9ou8088wk04c40sgo.th Kodak has released a new green and yellow leaf logo to signify the
environmental benefits of its products. The environmental branding logo
will be attached to marketing and advertising materials and packaging to
indicate environmental improvements or programs unique to Kodak. The
company also launched a new sustainability Website
to promote its corporate sustainability and environmental initiatives.

Kodak says products that qualify for the environmental logo must
deliver environmental attributes that result in unique value
propositions and help customers manage their environmental footprint.
Recycle and reuse programs as well as initiatives that educate customers
and the public about Kodak’s commitment to environmental responsibility
can also receive the new branding.

The new leaf logo is now applied to the KODAK Adaptive Picture
Exchange, a retail photofinishing system, which uses no water, produces
no chemical waste, and consumes 70 to 90 percent less energy than
comparable traditional mini-labs.

The KODAK Printer’s EnviroServices Program has also qualified to
carry the leaf logo. This program includes recycling and reuse options
designed to help customers in the printing industry manage their
environmental footprint. The program prevented 20 million pounds of
waste from being sent to landfills in 2009, says Kodak.

The logo will also appear in tandem with the tagline “Kodak Cares” in
communicating about the company’s corporate sustainability and
environmental initiatives.

Kodak says it will only consider applying the new leaf design to
products that aren’t covered by respected third-party organizations such
as Energy Star.

One of Kodak’s sustainability goals is to qualify all eligible newly
commercialized products for Energy Star certification. As examples,
Kodak’s ESP All-in-One Printers and Digital Picture Frames are Energy
Star qualified as well as many of Kodak’s commercial document imager

Two of Kodak’s manufacturing facilities — the Manitou site in
Rochester, N.Y and GCG Columbus site in Columbus, Ga. — are among the
first to meet the Energy
Star Challenge for Industry
, reducing their energy intensity by 10
percent within 5 years or less.

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