News Corp. Going Carbon Neutral, Fox News Still Going Nuts

Treehugger logo Treehugger posted an interesting piece the other day that show just how blatantly some media outlets are confusing the climate change issue in the eyes of the American public. Fox News is notorious for spinning climate change as a hoax, propoganda and not something to be taken seriously. And yet, Fox's owner, News Corp, must think decidedly differently and has stated that it plans to go carbon neutral by the end of 2010.

Posted Apr. 23, 2010
By Brian Merchant, Treehugger

Rupert Murdoch, the CEO of the infamous News Corp. — the
multinational company that owns Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the
NY Post and more — has made noise in the past about greening up his
company's act. And now it's official: By the end of this year, News
Corp. will be carbon neutral if things go according to plan. Yup, that
means that the company that owns Fox News will be one of the greenest
big companies in the world. Interesting. And so I pose the question:
wouldn't the greener thing to do to yank your network's irresponsible,
fact-less programming that confuses millions of Americans about climate

I think so. Here's Kate
Sheppard with the story

In the Fox News universe,
the world is definitely not warming. Quite the opposite: Climate change
is "bunk," a spectacular hoax perpetrated on the rest of us by a cabal
of corrupt scientists. But while embracing climate skepticism may be
good for ratings, the execs at Fox News' parent company, News Corp.,
don't see it as good for the long-term bottom line. By the end of this
year, News Corp. aims to go carbon neutral–meaning that the home of
uber-global warming denialists like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck may soon
be one of the greener multinational corporations around.

even three years ago, Rupert Murdoch was openly declaring global
climate change a "catastrophic threat". And he's
mobilized his company
to reduce carbon emissions through a number of
initiatives. Read Sheppard's
to see what that entailed — I assure you it was a lot. By
using advanced
carbon management software
, the company was able to slash
emissions, and to go even further, News Corp is encouraging its networks
to run PSAs about climate change, and working climate into
entertainment programming as a theme.

And yet — one of the most important changes has yet to come. In my
mind, that would be upping the editorial standards on the corporation's
most famous cable TV show. Hiring a fact checker or nine hundred for Fox
for their climate reporting would probably do more in the long run to
help stop climate change. Why?

Because probably the number one hurdle in the world to seriously
addressing climate change is getting Americans to understand it. The
world needs the US to pass serious climate legislation in order to show
it's willing to take responsibility for its share of the problem —
we've historically produced the most emissions and contributed most to
global warming, after all. And that's not going to happen unless the
public — especially conservatives — start taking the problem

And that's not going to happen unless outlets like Fox News stop
spreading misinformation on the subject.

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