Consumers go to Energy Star, Consumer Reports Web Sites for Info on ‘Green’ Products

Environmental leader logo2 The most recent EcoPulse survey reveals that most consumers willl go to the Energy Star or Consumer Reports sites to find out more about green products. People were slightly more likely (32.5%) to go to the Energy Start website than they were to go to Consumer Reports, Yahoo! Green and Greenpeace. This is the same survey which found that Hispanics are more likely to develop environmental behaviors.

Posted Apr. 15, 2010

By Environmental LEADER

A national survey finds that consumers are most likely to visit Web
sites from Energy Star and Consumer Reports in order to get more
information about “green” products or manufacturers, according to the
latest EcoPulse
from the Shelton

About 32.5 percent of respondents said they went to the Energy Star
site, followed closely by Consumer Reports, at 31.4 percent. Yahoo!
Green was cited by 24 percent of respondents, while Greenpeace netted an
18.4 percent visitation rate.

The survey also found that Hispanic Americans are more inclined to
adopt environmentally friend habits at home, as well as to seek out
purchases that “positively impact the environment.

About 75 percent of Hispanics say they are looking for “greener”
products, compared to 61 percent of Caucasians and 57 percent of African

Consumer sites

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