BBMG Launches New Sustainable Brand Community – “The Collective”

Sustainable life media logo2 Sustainable Life Media reports that BBMG, a brand innovation consultancy, partnered with software company Passenger to create the first private online community with the aim of developing sustainable brands. "The Collective" will host surveys, forums, product tests and more, all within a community of nonprofits, corporations and conscious consumers.

Posted Apr. 7, 2010
By Sustainable Life Media

Brand innovation firm BBMG, in
alliance with social software company Passenger, has launched the first
private online community –“The Collective”- that will utilize consumer
feedback  in the process of co-creating innovative, sustainable brands.

Through surveys, forums, product testing, and live sessions with
entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and marketers, some of the top
non-profit organizations and global corporations will be able to
communicate with conscious consumers.  By staging events that will
generate discussion and ideas, The Collective allows
members to shape policies, products, and campaigns for some of the
nation’s most respected brands and causes.

Although joining The Collective is free, members must meet the
community’s eco-friendly and socially minded values.  Member profiles
will also be helpful in targeted events and opportunities, such as live
meeting invitations for profiles that fit a company’s primary product
audience.  BBMG is initially limiting membership to 2,000 consumers, yet
already has some 400 active members since its launch last week. 

Some recent and upcoming events include: Madecasse – helping a
sustainable chocolate company tell their story through packaging design,
Save Darfur- teaching ordinary people how to spot, and stop, future
genocide, and a members-only product testing of Blue Avocado’s new line
of eco-shopping bags. 

Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer Mitch Baranowski states “The
Collective is designed to help shift the paradigm from brand-driven
monologues to ongoing creative dialogues, leveraging the power of social
media, crowd sourcing and online collaboration to involve consumers at
every key milestone . . . [it] symbolizes what we call the 'Age of
Co-Creativity,' and we believe it holds great promise for the future of
branding and marketing."

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