Burt’s Bees Releases 2009 CSR Report

Sustainable life media logo2 Burt's Bees just released a new Corporate Social Responsibility report which is a good benchmark for other businesses hoping to be at the forefront of the green marketplace. The report follows the trend of transparency and accountability that has gained strength in the past few years. Not only did Burt's Bees meet or surpass many of their sustainability initiatives, but the company increased both brand consumption and awareness at the same time.

Posted Feb. 8, 2010
By Sustainable Life Media

Burt’s Bees has released their first Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) update since their initial sustainability report
in 2008.  These reports, which outline how the company is approaching
key sustainability issues, are sparking meaningful dialogue with
stakeholders about pioneering a fully sustainable brand and business by

Determined to see Burt’s Bees unfold as the “greenest
personal care company on earth”, Director of Sustainability Yola
Carlough believes “that a compelling formal statement of accountability
helps us find new ways to achieve our rigorous goals.”  Burt’s Bees was
able to deliver on many of the brand’s goals for sustainability.  A few
highlights of the 2009 Social and Environmental Progress Report:

  • Sustainability targets were surpassed with a waste-to-landfill decrease
    of 51.5%, energy reduction of 15.2%, and Green Derby Scores for correct
    waste sorting increased by 3.9%.
  • Live the Greater Good, a sustainability initiative of the company, was attained in 100% Employee Engagement 10 years ahead of schedule.
  • Brand consumption increased by 18%, and brand awareness increased from 54% to 63%.
  • Expanded product range with roughly 200 products over 12 brands, 72 of which carry “The Natural Standard” seal. 
  • Continuing Zero Tolerance for animal testing.
  • Increase to 65% recycled content and a reduction in soap packaging,
    including more degradable, bleach-free, and lighter weight materials. 
    The company’s packaging suppliers and converters also received Forest
    Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification. 
  • Two remaining products that contain PVC packaging are scheduled to be eliminated.

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