Are you ready to ReCharge America?

ReCharge America The
National Day of Service is on January 18th, 2010…are you ready to
ReCharge America? We are thrilled to launch this nationwide effort with an
important message from Lisa Ling. “Saving energy is patriotic,” she reminds us
in a video available on our website at

ecoAmerica’s programs are large-scale public engagement campaigns that
build awareness, understanding and action for environmental
solutions among mainstream Americans. We identify and understand Americans’ core values and motivations, connect them with environmental solutions, and then ask them to “do” something, be part of the solution, and thus create lasting positive change (See the American
Environmental Values Survey
and American Climate Values Survey.)

America is a nationwide effort created by ecoAmerica and the Clean Tech 4 Obama
team for last year’s National Day of Service. We are re-launching ReCharge
America with the support of Wells Fargo for this year’s Martin Luther King
National Day of Service this coming Monday, January 18th, 2010.

America helps Americans save as much as or even more than $600 per year on
energy costs, while saving energy and contributing to the revitalization of the
American economy by taking simple steps to improve their home’s energy
efficiency. The ReCharge America site offers Americans an easy guide and
helpful tools to start saving in their own homes, with additional tools and
next steps to engage their friends, families and neighbors as well as share
online.  ReCharge America Home Savings Made Easy helps Americans and at
the same time allows them to take meaningful action supporting one of the
nation’s most pressing challenges – clean, affordable energy.

environmentalists and climate advocates everywhere hear that message and
respond to the call to action because they prioritize and value the environment
and climate change mitigation, many more Americans are drawn to the message of
community service, patriotism, energy independence and self-sufficiency. The
values and goals of the campaign's messaging are layered with “green” as the least noticeable unlike
many other home energy saving tools and calculators. That is the only way to
effectively engage the general public on climate and other environmental

That being
said, we invite you to answer the call to serve by participating in ReCharge
America (for whatever reason speaks to you most):

·       Will you RECHARGE AMERICA by downloading the Home Energy Savings Made Easy Guide and following the checklist?

·       You can SPREAD THE SAVINGS by downloading and printing the
easy to use Spread the Savings Guide and
taking your friends, family and neighbors through the same steps you took in
your own home.

·       SHARE YOUR TIPS on and let us know the best and easiest ways to create energy
savings at home.

ReCharge America’s national Home Energy Savings Made Easy campaign is YOUR chance to reduce
your personal energy costs and then to share those savings with your community
either over the weekend or on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 18th.
Thank you!
The ReCharge America Team

ReCharge America is a volunteer service
initiative created by the Clean Tech for Obama (CT40) alumni network and
ecoAmerica and supported by Wells Fargo.  For more information visit If you have
questions, please email [email protected].

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