Survey: Canadians Say Climate Change Is A Larger Threat Than Terrorism For New Decade

All Headline News logo A recent poll by the Innovative Research Group for the Canadian Defense and Foreign Affairs Institute revealed that 49% of respondents believed that climate change is the decade's main threat, and only 28% believed that the main threat will be terrorism. The same poll in 2004 showed only a 3% gap though even back then climate change was the biggest named threat to Canadians.

Posted Jan. 12, 2010
AHN Staff, All Headline News

As the world ushered in the second decade of the millennium, changes
have been observed regarding the perception of what people perceive as
threats to their lives and existence. Among Canadians, a new survey
showed that a large number believe climate change is now a bigger
threat than terrorism.

to the poll made by the Innovative Research Group for the Canadian
Defense and Foreign Affairs Institute, 49 percent pointed to climate
change as the main threat, while only 28 percent identified terrorism.

survey was made from Dec. 22, 2009 to Jan. 4, 2010. In contrast, in
2004, 49 percent named terrorism as the number one threat, while 52
percent said it was climate change. Although climate change was the top
reply in 2004, the difference with terrorism was only three percent.

After six years, the difference has widened to 21 percent.

believe the shift in Canadian's perception is because 9/11 is no longer
fresh in the mind of residents and the nation has a relatively secure
environment. The bulk of the major threats are in other parts of the
world, not in Canada.

Aside from the two threats, other threats
identified by survey respondents were the growing number of immigrants
and refugees, globalization and epidemics such as AIDS and the flu.

previous Innovative Research Group study found that 49 percent of
Canadians did not approve of Ottawa's position at the recent Copenhagen
climate change conference.

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