A green light for green behavior

Consumer reports logo2 A Consumer Reports survey on green behavior reveals that: 45% of Americans have "very much" or "somewhat" incorporated green principles into their homes; 90% took one action or more to reduce demand on home heating/cooling; 28% are still throwing away used printer cartridges.  The green behaviors that people are doing are not surprising; they're more promoted/easier actions.

Posted Nov. 2009
By Consumer Reports

Asked whether they've incorporated green principles into their household, 45 percent of Americans in a recent Consumer Reports
survey replied "very much" or "somewhat”; 55 percent replied "very
little" or "not at all." Those 55 percent could be missing out: Taking
many of the actions we asked about will benefit the environment and
save money. Low-flow showerheads can save as much as $265 per year on
water bills, for instance; underinflated tires resulted in a loss of
1.3 mpg in highway fuel economy in a Toyota Camry we tested.

What we found

out of 10 respondents took at least one action to lessen demand on
their home heating and cooling systems (using fans instead of A/C,
say), and 46 percent who bought a car within the past three years
replaced an old one with a hybrid or other more fuel-efficient model.
But many people are still putting recyclable items in the trash: 28
percent of those with old printer cartridges toss them even though some
companies make it easy to recycle cartridges free. The tables show to
what extent Americans have adopted green behaviors. Consumer Reports Dec 09

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