eBay Launches Re+Purpose Campaign

Sustainable life media logo2 eBay is rolling out an interesting marketing initiative that will emphasize eBay's marketplace of pre-owned goods and the sustainability embedded in their business model.  This Re+Purpose Campaign launched as a 6-week effort on October 8th, 2009.  It seems likely, that depending on its success, they might bring it back as a longer or permanent campaign at a later date.

Posted Oct. 8, 2009
By Sustainable Life Media

The online auction platform launches the 6-week campaign today,
designed to inspire consumers toward more sustainable shopping choices
and increase awareness around the sustainability of pre-owned goods.

The campaign is being launched by the eBay
"Green Team," which consists of over 100,000 eBay consumers and
employees, and is dedicated to encouraging smart, sustainable
consumption. The team's focus for the project is to promote the
intrinsic sustainability of eBay's marketplace and business model due
to the leveraging of existing consumer products and transportation

The six week project will go through three separate, 2 week long
focus areas: a focus on sustainable fashion with The Uniform Project,
transforming old items into creative and functional new products with
PopTech and MAKE Magazine, and a national competition for the most
creative DIY home décor reuse project with ecofabulous.com.

To read more details about the Re+Purpose campaign and its different focus areas, visit the Green Team Website.

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