Grail Research: Your Sustainability Communication is Ineffective

Sustainable life media logo2 7 major brands are not effectively promoting their sustainability initiatives, as illustrated in a new report released by Grail Research.  Large majorities believe that these brands are not participating at all in green initiatives, when in fact some of them are at the forefront.

Posted Oct. 5, 2009
By Sustainable Life Media

A new report from Grail Research
shows that the majority of consumers are unaware of major brands'
sustainability initiatives, indicating that they are not effectively
communicating their practices to consumers.

The report queried consumers on 7 major brands, and on average, 85%
of consumers had no idea that the companies were participating in any
sustainable business initiatives. The companies referenced included HP,
Intel, Cisco and Unilever, all of whom are considered leaders in the
sustainability space.

For example, almost 83% of those surveyed responded that they did
not think Cisco participated in any sustainability practices or
initiatives, and less than 6% believed the company offers and "green"
products. In reality, Cisco has one of the most forward thinking
recycling programs in the industry, takes all products back for reuse
and recycling at end of life, and has committed to reducing GHG
emissions 25% in the next 2 years.

When speaking with Marketing Daily
Silvia Springolo of Grail Research said "The low awareness of these
initiatives raises huge questions because companies are spending so
much money on them. And while green qualities are very important to
consumers, they are not being communicated effectively."

Read the entire report by Grail Research here.

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