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Apple sustainability initiative

How the World Wildlife Fund Is Helping Apple Go Even Greener

Tech giant Apple already gets high marks for sustainability – Greenpeace’s 2015 Click Clean Report, released this week, named it the greenest tech company in the world. But Apple isn’t stopping there. As ClimateProgress reports, the company recently announced a new goal of getting 100 percent of the paper for its packaging from sustainably managed […]

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Carter Roberts

Strengthening the Link Between Business and Conservation

More and more companies are striving to make sustainability part of their business. But meeting their commitments can be a challenge – especially if their supply chains involve commodities like timber, beef, or palm oil that can have serious environmental impacts. In this GreenBiz article, Carter Roberts, CEO of World Wildlife Fund, explains how his […]

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Larry Linden

Why a Carbon Tax May Be Our Most Effective Weapon Against Climate Change

The time to act on climate change is right now. Research has shown that we must cut carbon emissions by 80 percent over the next 40 to 50 years to avoid severe consequences. Yet here in America, debates over how to approach climate change or even whether it exists are keeping progress at a standstill. […]

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The Ultimate Brand Changes Its Signature Look for the Environment

Coca-Cola knows its look is as important as its taste, which is why their decision to change the can’s classic red color to white in support WWF’s protection of polar bears is so monumental. No the doubt color change will not go unnoticed by its billions of customers, drawing huge attention to the cause. The […]

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