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What’s Climate Change Got to Do With Wildfires?

Two major wildfires burned in California this weekend — one in the Sacramento area and one near Yosemite. While no particular wildfire can be linked directly to climate change, evidence does suggest that climate change is playing a role in increasing the frequency and severity of wildfires around the country. How can climate communicators help […]

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How Storytelling Can Make Climate Change Real

For many Americans, climate change continues to be an abstract concept that has little to do with day-to-day life. But a new series of videos recently featured on the Yale Environment 360 blog may change that. The videos, produced by the nonprofit journalism group The Story Group, detail how climate change is impacting the lives […]

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River Thames Floods West Of London Threatening Thousands Of Homes

Can Extreme Weather Build Support for Climate Solutions?

Some climate advocates have been quick to identify extreme weather as a no-brainer tool to build support for climate solutions. Yet a new research report released this month by the Climate Outreach & Information Network (COIN) reveals that the story is more complicated than that. Extreme weather events — such as hurricanes, wildfires, and floods […]

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Extreme Weather Causes Extreme Rise in Climate Change Belief

As similarly covered in a previous ecoAffect post, this Huffington Post article notes that because more Americans are experiencing the extreme weather impacts of climate change first-hand, more people are believing climate change is real. NOAA is experiencing an influx of requests for climate information from individuals, businesses, and communities. The American people want answers […]

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