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Want to Make Climate Impacts More Relatable? Start With Water

When an issue is as big and abstract as climate change, how can we make it easier for people to grasp? One of the best ways is to point to local impacts and tell personal stories that help people visualize how climate change is impacting people right now. And whether it’s a flood caused by […]

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New Study: Natural Disasters Play A Significant Role in Americans’ Climate Opinions

A new study featured in Business Wire reveals that 57 percent of Americans cite natural disasters as being highly influential in shaping their climate opinions. The study, conducted by business communications firm Gibbs & Soell, also found that water scarcity is increasingly on Americans’ minds. Just under half of Americans say they’re more concerned about […]

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Can You Trust Your Local Drinking Water Quality Report?

A GAO study finds that states are failing to report about one of every four health-based water quality violations, and five of every six monitoring errors.   “Consumer Confidence Reports” are supposed to empower consumers with comprehensive details on their water quality, but recent research has discovered states’ failures to monitor water, to notify the […]

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