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Making “Green Ribbon” Schools as American as Apple Pie

In the heat of mid-summer, many of us partake in the time-honored tradition of heading to a state or county fair to ogle over the Blue Ribbon prizewinners and try out the latest inconceivable deep-fried-on-a stick concoction. My husband is one proud Minnesotan. At this year’s state fair, we’ll give the newcomer “Paneer on a […]

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San Diego Putting Its Money Where Its Mouth Is – But Will It Walk the Talk?

Mere months after releasing one of the country’s most ambitious climate action plans, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced a “down payment” of $127 million in spending to implement the measures laid out in the new policy.   In the world of local climate action plans, it is rare for a mayor to provide as […]

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Is Your City One of the 25 Most At Risk from Climate Impacts?

One of the best ways to make the climate issue resonate for people is show how climate change impacts them personally. A new study by weather.com looked at the factors affecting America’s 100 largest cities, and identified the top 25 most at risk. Some, like Denver and Detroit, may see significant increases in heat. Others, […]

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What Do Bike Sharing Systems Tell Us About Urban Sustainability?

As American cities reinvent themselves as dense, sustainable centers of commerce, opportunity, and social networks — attracting young, educated residents by the thousands — they are increasingly promoting sustainability in their building stock, land use patterns, and in their transportation networks.   A relatively new sustainability feature, “bike sharing” systems are now available in more […]

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Hot Town: Summer in the City

Among the many anticipated and increasingly observed adverse impacts of a warning climate is a rise of the urban “heat island” effect. Local leaders have begun addressing this problem with simple measures that protect their citizens from dangerous heat while also saving energy.   Climate Central recently posted a report detailing observed increases in urban […]

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How Millennials Are Making U.S. Cities Future Ready

According to a recent article in the Washington Post, things are finally improving for millennials on the employment and economic fronts. What are the potential climate ramifications of what appears to be a watershed demographic moment? And how can leaders of sustainable communities leverage the millennial generation’s economic coming-of-age for the local and global common […]

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How Do You Green a City?

One could debate the cause and effect relationship between the increasing sustainability of American cities and their recent population growth, but whether people are moving to cites because they are more sustainable or city sustainability is rising because of the benefits of increased population, the fact is that U.S. cities continue to lead in the […]

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