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Why Today Could Be the Most Important Earth Day Ever

Since it was first established in 1970, Earth Day has been a day of action on environmental issues, sustainability, and climate change. Today, appropriately enough, leaders and representatives from nearly 170 nations will gather at the United Nations in New York to formally sign the Paris Agreement on climate change.   Climate change is arguably […]

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Jim and Kara Ball

Our Moral Moment: Recognizing the Importance of Creation Care

I met my husband Jim 15 years ago this June at a Christian rock festival in rural western Pennsylvania. Neither of us had gone for the music – Jim was there staffing the table for his organization, Evangelical Environmental Network, and I had been asked to chaperone a group of teens. Nonetheless, the concert was […]

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Putting a Human Face on Climate Solutions

It’s not always easy to convince people that climate solutions are already happening and can really bring co-benefits to communities. But a new 22-minute documentary, produced by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, opens up new possibilities for how communicators can inspire hope and confidence in climate solutions. The documentary, which is narrated […]

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New Report: Business Leaders Can Have Their Climate Cake and Eat it Too

What if the myth that investing in climate solutions damages economic growth was dispelled? According to a recent article in BusinessGreen, a major new UN report, The New Climate Economy, does just that: The report illustrates how governments and businesses can have grow the economy while stopping climate change. The report, Better Growth, Better Climate: […]

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What Do Climate Solutions Actually Look Like?

“Climate solutions” can seem like an abstract term. What is a “climate solution” anyway? A new interactive graphic, produced by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Momentum for Change initiative, shows real-live examples of climate solutions across the world. A project in Bangalore brings solar lighting systems to the slums of the city. […]

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Solutions-Focused U.N. Climate Report Received Least Media Coverage

Media coverage of the third U.N. climate report, which focused on solutions, was the lowest among the U.N.’s three climate reports released over the last eight months, according to a new Media Matters analysis. The third report received only about a quarter of the coverage of the first report, which focused on scientific evidence.   […]

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How Women Can Lead on Climate Solutions

Climate change is an issue that affects all people, regardless of their gender. Yet women in particular are more likely to experience the effects of climate change. For example, when water becomes scarce, women are the ones who have to walk further to get it. And the majority of the small-scale farmers around the world […]

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The UN Is Building a Promising Vision of the Future with Crowd Sourcing

In support of the UN’s “The Future We Want” campaign, a dynamic group of leaders in art, technology, policy, and civil society banded together to develop a system that would allow communities to provide direct input to answering how to provide future generations with a healthier planet. After submitting on a website, or other offline […]

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President Obama Announces Intent to Nominate Frank Loy for UN Representative

President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate individuals to key Administration posts on Monday, June 11. Among the nominees was ecoAmerica director Frank E. Loy for Representative of the United States of America to the Sixty-sixth Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations.   In his announcement, President Obama said, “These fine […]

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