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Better the Skeptic You Know… A Skeptic’s Mindset

In this new article by former global warming skeptic and publisher of “Skeptic” Magazine, Michael Shermer gives insight into the mind of a skeptic. Shermer expands upon his 2010 TED speech, encouraging skepticism appreciation. He challenges that skepticism is not necessarily a negative factor; instead, it just represents reasonable caution before receiving enough proof of […]

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Why Americans Forget About Climate Change

Climate change has already begun impacting the world around us, and its consequences will only deepen with time, yet many Americans frustratingly ignore the issue and continue to live their routine daily lives without making climate-conscious decisions. In this article, Sami Grover, an environmental activist and co-creative director at The Change Creation, outlines 4 main […]

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James Hansen: The Scientist with a Public Message

Dr. James Hansen of NASA, honored advocate of climate change since the 1970s, has put forth a scientific study that connects the recent heat waves and drought to the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide and gases in our atmosphere caused by human activity. Hansen has never shied from the media, and takes a front seat […]

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