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Why We Need to Tell Stories About Climate Change

Much of the public dialogue around climate change centers around facts and figures. Global mean temperatures are expected to rise by this many degrees Celsisus. Climate change will cost this much money in damages. We need to lower our emissions by this amount. While facts and figures (and pie charts) have their place, what the […]

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Using Storytelling to Motivate New Audiences

One of the biggest challenges cause communicators face is engaging individuals who aren’t already deeply invested in an issue. In a recent Chronicle of Philanthropy article, communication guru Paul VanDeCarr suggests a new approach to reaching new audiences: storytelling. Storytelling, especially storytelling that utilizes social media and other online platforms, can help turn lukewarm supporters into engaged audiences.   The […]

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The Customer Has to Come First in Sustainability Communication, Too

Usually, marketing and communication professionals treat stories about brands’ sustainability commitments like any other marketing material: they push them forward with a pre-determined message in mind. But what marketers are coming to realize, writes Andrea Learned in a recent CSR blog post, is that the messages consumers draw from these stories don’t always match what […]

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What Climate Advocates Can Learn from Fairytales

Climate advocates often focus more on appealing to people’s heads rather than their hearts, assuming that if people just knew the truth, they would act accordingly. But as research shows, attitudes, opinions, and decision making are strongly rooted in emotion. Stories and fairytales, suggests Andrew Simms in this recent Guardian piece, may be one way […]

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