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Smoke billowing from power plant

9 Major U.S. Corporations Commit to 100% Clean Energy

This week brought yet another sign that climate action has reached a tipping point – at Climate Week NYC yesterday, nine large corporations announced their plans to get 100 percent of their power from renewable sources. The companies, which included such household names as Walmart, Starbucks, and Johnson & Johnson, signed on with RE100, a […]

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coal-fired power plant

Why Major Corporations Support the EPA Clean Power Plan

More and more companies are seeing the economic value of fighting climate change, and they want to make sure America takes action. That’s why 223 major corporations, including Kellogg’s and Starbucks, recently signed a letter in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rule reducing carbon pollution from power plants.   As this USA TODAY […]

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Climate Change is Costing Coffee Drinkers

The three fourths of Americans that drink coffee are probably being economically affected by climate change. The Bloomberg article below points directly to climate change as the reason coffee prices remain high. Starbucks, noted in the article for having its farms affected, just announced a price hike; Grist’s Christopher Mims thinks this seems rather coincidental. […]

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