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Hispanics and climate

Why Climate Change Is Such an Important Issue for Hispanics

As a recent New York Times/Stanford poll found, climate change is becoming an increasingly big concern for all Americans. But a deeper dive into the survey showed that concern is highest among Hispanics. This New York Times article explains that Hispanics are more likely to feel climate change affects them personally, and more likely to support […]

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New York Times poll

New Poll: Climate Deniers Won’t Win America’s Vote

American concern about climate change and support for solutions continues to rise, and it’s getting harder for elected officials to ignore. In a new poll, two out of three Americans (and 48 percent of Republicans) said that a candidate who advocated fighting climate change would be more likely to earn their vote. They were less […]

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New Poll: Most Americans Are Seeing the Effects of Climate Change, and Support Action

Most Americans are seeing the effects of climate change, and want people and organizations to start preparing soon, according to results released Friday by USA Today. The poll, conducted by USA Today in collaboration with Stanford University and the nonpartisan research group Resources for the Future, found that 71% of Americans have seen some effects […]

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Hurricane Sandy's Aftermath Around New York City Area

From causes to solutions: American alignment on climate change

Today on Capitol Hill, Stanford researcher Jon Krosnick will share findings from his new report on American climate change attitudes. The report includes a state-by-state analysis, and shows that Americans are concerned about climate change at record levels.   According to the synthesis of 23 different reports conducted by the Stanford Political Psychology Research Group, […]

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New Poll on American Climate Change Beliefs: Noticing Weather, Want Government Action, But Personal Concern Unclear

The Washington Post and Stanford University conducted a poll on Americans’ climate change belief and concern in June 2012. This Washington Post article on the poll below states, “Americans polled by The Post and Stanford do see climate change as occurring: Six in 10 say weather patterns around the world have been more unstable in […]

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