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Why Conservatives Should Take a Fresh Look at Solar Energy

Solar power in the U.S. continues to grow by leaps and bounds – installations soared in 2015 as prices fell, and 2016 seems likely to be another record-breaking year. At the end of December, Congress extended the investment tax credit for solar and wind projects, sending stock prices up as well as orders for new […]

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New Harvard Study Highlights Health Benefits of Clean Energy

When the White House launched the EPA’s new Clean Power Plan last month, they released a fact sheet showing how the plan would improve public health. A new study from Harvard University backs up those claims. As Climate Central explains in this article, the study found that energy efficiency and use of clean energy could […]

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This Fourth of July, Celebrate Freedom From Fossil Fuels

As we celebrate our nation’s independence this weekend, let’s celebrate another type of freedom, one that’s spreading rapidly across the land: independence from fossil fuels. As the infographic below illustrates, the advance of clean energy in America is far surpassing expectations. Last year, wind and solar generated enough electricity to power 18.4 million homes.   […]

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Community Choice Aggregation

How the Community Choice Model Is Accelerating the Shift to Clean Energy

Americans want clean energy – and while Congress has been slow to act, many communities are taking matters into their own hands. As this Guardian article reports, publicly-run programs called Community Choice Aggregation are giving states, cities, and counties across the nation the ability to choose where their energy comes from.   Here’s how it […]

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Is the Clean Energy Revolution Here to Stay?

America’s energy landscape has changed dramatically in the last several years, and a new report predicts that sustainable energy will play an increasingly large role. The Sustainable Energy in America Factbook, researched and produced by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, found that between 2007-2014, carbon emissions from the energy sector dropped and investment in clean energy […]

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Why Rooftop Solar Is a Sure-fire Investment

If you could invest in something that would outperform the stock market while also helping the planet, wouldn’t you? Here’s why rooftop solar can’t miss.   The cost of installing solar on homes has dropped by 60% over the past 15 years, bringing the costs within reach for millions of homeowners. A combination of incentives […]

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Give the People What They Want: Clean Energy

Americans are definitely getting the message about the benefits of wind and solar energy. According to a new survey by renowned Harvard political scientist Stephen Ansolabehere, the vast majority of Americans prefer renewable energy sources to fossil fuels.   As quoted in this PV Magazine article, Ansolabehere found that “Americans want to move away from […]

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Green energy market 'resilient' to downturn in 2009, according to U.N.

Green energy market ‘resilient’ to downturn in 2009, according to U.N.

This story, posted today on CNN.com by Matthew Knight, notes that despite the international recession, investment in renewable energy is still growing, according to the United Nations. In fact, more than half of all new electricity capacity created in 2009 came from renewable sources, with wind power leading the charge in overall increase in investment. […]

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