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Google solar investment

How Companies Are Helping Everyone to Profit From Solar

One of the most effective ways to get people on board with climate solutions is to emphasize the co-benefits – the ways solutions can improve life for multiple sectors of society. Google and SolarCity have just announced a partnership where all involved – the consumers, the companies themselves, and the planet – stand to gain. […]

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Clean Energy Solutions Are Gaining Momentum

The arguments in favor of renewable energy like wind and solar keep getting stronger. As this Bloomberg article recently noted, solar power is expected to be as affordable or more affordable than standard electricity in 36 states by 2016. That gives households and business all the more reason to invest in solar. Wind power is […]

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Peer Influence a Big Factor in Choosing to Install Solar

Solar is being installed at ever-increasing rates – and not just by people with high incomes and liberal leanings. A recent study shows that the biggest factor in a homeowner’s decision to go solar isn’t income or politics but whether other houses in the neighborhood had done so. According to this Washington Post article, there […]

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