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Personally Speaking: Why Effective Climate Messaging Starts With People

At a social media conference not long ago, I sat in on a panel discussion on best practices. Be timely and responsive, the panelists advised – but above all, be human. Even when acting as the Twitter or Facebook voice of a brand or corporation, it’s important to remember that social media engagement is still […]

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New Poll: Americans Will Act on Climate, If Their Peers and Leaders Ask Them To

A new polling report released this month reveals that Americans are willing to take steps in their lives to take action on climate with just a little bit of nudging from those around them. The poll, jointly conducted by the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication and the Yale Project on Climate Change […]

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Reframing Behavior Change to Redouble Impact: The Latest in Behavioral Science

Behavioral science is becoming a buzzword these days, as marketers and policymakers wake up to the power of this interdisciplinary field to spur sustainable lifestyles. In this Sustainable Brands post, social scientist Ruth Doyle reveals the latest trend in the field: a “practice-oriented” approach. This new approach, which originates in the design research community, uses […]

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